Accident round-up: 20th February 2017

Russian fishing trawler Shkval suffered engine failure while trawling in the east Barents Sea causing an immediate danger of sinking because of strong winds and heavy seas. Marine tugboat Murmanryba, is now towing the vessel to shelter. Shkval is 36dwt and 120grt. No detail of vessel in P&I databases.

Chemical tanker Rossini became stuck on a sand embankment in the Kiel Canal after suffering damage to its fuel pipe while travelling in an easterly direction, en route from Moerdijk to Wismar. It stopped at the 59km mark, stuck on the northern embankment near Westerronfeld and blocked the traffic through Kiel Canal. A salvage tug refloated Rossini. The vessel did not suffer serious damage and was released by the local authorities to continue its journey. It was ordered to berth at Bominflot bunker quay for survey and inspection. No injuries or pollution was reported. The vessel was not breached and did not suffered water ingress. Rossini is 3,090dwt and 2,195grt. According to database Rossini is covered by Standard Club through Member/Owner Hansa Befrachtungsgesellschaft Mbh.

Cruise ship Carnival Elation has returned to Jacksonville, Florida on February 17th,three days after Kevin Wellons, a 24-year-old man from Georgia fell overboard. The vessel was at a port of call in the Bahamas when the accident happened. The US Coast Guard searched for the man, but he was not found.

Tugboat Samson Mariner ran aground and had a minor breach in the hull, which the crew plugged, while towing a barge from Seattle to Western Alaska. Samson Mariner wass reported to have 30,000 gallons of fuel on board and the barge had 40,000 gallons of diesel. Three Southeast Alaska Petroleum Response Organization tugs took the barge to Ward Cove where it will be anchored and assessed for damage. The tug and barge were due to arrive in Valdez, AK on Sunday.

Three boxes containing automobiles and kitchen supplies were knocked off the deck of Maersk Kensington in APM Terminals facility, Newark, New Jersey Harbour, according to a local report. The incident occurred when a crane operator unintentionally hit the containers while unloading other units from the ship, a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey spokesperson said.