Accident round-up : 14th May 2017

Reefer Frio Las Palmas has towed stricken refrigerated cargo ship Uruguay Reefer (IMO 9017264) out to sea, the Falkland Islands Government (FIG) announced on Friday. The Uruguay Reefer had drifted into the Falkland Islands Conservation Zone after her crew abandoned ship, and could soon sink, taking with her about 560 tons of HFO and 180 tons of MGO, raising fears of pollution. As of Thursday morning, the Frio Las Palmas’ AIS signal showed her about 150 nm due east of the Falklands. On May 7th the crew of the Uruguay abandoned ship onto another vessel owned by the same firm after uncontrollable flooding left her trimmed down by the bow. The Uruguay is reported to have settled on a low, but even keel, suggesting that flooding has reached compartments further aft. A tug is under way to meet up with the Uruguay and was expected to arrive on Sunday to tow her further out to deeper waters while the parties involved discuss salvage options. The Falklands does not have repair facilities for a damaged vessel of the Uruguay’s size.

According to database, Uruguay Reefer is entered with UK P&I Club on behalf of member Diamond Faith Shipping of Athens, Greece. ISM Manager is Baltmed Reefer Services, also of Athens.

Bulk carrier Alex A (IMO 9254836) broke one of two fibre-optic cables on the morning of May 12th that connect North African territory Ceuta with mainland Spain. Alex A was anchoring at the time. Apparently the Traffic Control Centre gave the Master the wrong coordinates, and directed the bulk carrier to an area prohibited for anchoring. The Traffic Control Centre soon realized its error and directed the bulk carrier to another anchorage, but the cable had already been broken. Spanish authorities have claimed that the Master was at fault because he had charts detailing the safe and prohibited mooring zones. The authorities required a €500,000 guarantee deposit from the owner, and the vessel was detained off the port until the bail was deposited. 2002-built, 27,989 gt Alex A registered as entered with London P&I on behalf of registered owner Troyan Maritime of Marshall Islands. Commercial manager is Couros Maritime of Athens, Greece.

More than 6,000 cruise ship passengers began disembarking, and another 7,000 began boarding, the cruise liners Costa Serena (IMO: 9343132) and Quantum of the Seas (IMO: 9549463) at Wusongkou Port on the morning of May 12th after 36 hours’ delay because 37 containers fell into the Yangtze River from feeder vessel Shungang 19 on the evening of May 10th. Skysea Golden Era was also affected due to the delay. Wastepaper-loaded containers blocked the waterway, with only nine of the containers salvaged; the others sank. The furthest salvaged container was found 16 km away.

According to database, Quantum of the Seas is entered with UK P&I on behalf of member Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd of Miami, Florida.

Costa Serena is entered with Steamship Mutual, Gard and UK P&I; all three on behalf of member and registered owner Costa Crociere SpA.

Passenger RoRo cargo ship Pride of Bruges (IMO 8503797) arrived at Kingston-upon-Hull several hours late on May 10th, 2017, en route from Zeebrugge, having suffered technical difficulties. The return sailing that day was cancelled and the ship arrived at Keppel Verolme Shipyard in Rotterdam on May 12th. The ferry was expected be out of action until June 5, leaving only the Pride of York operating the route. P&O has chartered the freight m/v Autobay for the duration of repairs. 1987-built 31,598 gt Pride of Bruges recorded as entered with Standard P&I Club on behalf of P&O North Sea Ferries of Rotterdam.

Containership Fenja (IMO 9287716) was in collision with a charter sailing vessel while overtaking it near Schinkel during the morning of May 10th, while transiting the Kiel Canal eastbound from Bremerhaven to Copenhagen. The vessels continued to Kiel where an investigation into th4e incident began. Fenja left the locks in Kiel at 13:00 and continued to Copenhagen, where it berthed on May 11th. Officials estimated damage of more than €10,000. 2003-built, 7,519 gt Fenja is entered with North of England P&I on behalf of senior member Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club. Also appears as registered with Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club in NNPC database. Registered owner is Netherlands-based Fenja BV. Manager is Netherlands-based Holwerda Shipmanagement BV.