Accident round-up : 11th April 2017

The April 10th morning sailing of ferry Ben-My-Chree (IMO: 9170705) from Douglas, Isle of Man to Heysham, Morecambe was cancelled after the ferry suffered a cylinder head failure at Heysham on the morning of April 9th. A replacement would have had to be fitted if the ferry were to make its scheduled return from Heysham at 14:50, but this proved impossible in Heysham. As a result the ferry had to return to Douglas overnight on one engine, without passengers. Passengers originally booked to travel

on April 9th eventually sailed on the Manannan at 02:15 on April 10th. The Ben-My-Chree was expected to return to service for the 19.45. departure to Heysham. Freighter Arrow was brought in to do a sailing from Heysham on April 10th to ensure that freight services were not delayed. No details of vessel in P&I databases.

Feeder container ship Iapetos (IMO: 9204491) collided with berthed container ship MSC Donata (IMO: 9237151) at Pier 6 in Port of Thessaloniki, Greece. Iapetos was manoeuvring to berth into the port, en route from Volos to Thessaloniki, but struck the already berthed MSC Donata, causing minor damages to both vessels. Both carriers were detained for inspection and special survey. No reported injuries and no water pollution. MSC Donata was released the same day and departed for Izmir, Turkey. Iapetos is 9,113 dwt and 8,737 grt. MSC Donata is 52,806 dwt and 40,108 grt. According to database hull and machinery for MSC Donata is led by SIAT-Soc.Italiana Ass. e Rieass. SpA, with Gard holding a follow-on percentage. P&I is entered with North on behalf of Member Mediterranean Shipping Company SA for registered owner Compania Naviera Donata SA.

Pirates, or possibly Yemeni rebels, who reportedly boarded bulk carrier OS 35 during the afternoon of April 8th in the Gulf of Aden have fled, The Chinese and Indian Navies both approached the vessel. The Indian Navy said that the crew had retreated to the ship’s citadel after activating the alert system. Indian Navy helicopter reconnaissance found the vessel to be free of pirates. The 19 Filipino crew are reported safe and unharmed.