Accident round-up – 8th September 2016

General cargo vessel Volgo Don 133 lost its left propeller and part of the shaft on the River Don, Russian Inner Waterways, on the afternoon of September 6th, while ballasting from Kavkaz port to Buzan port. Traffic was suspended until divers found the propeller and shaft, which were recovered.

General cargo vessel Wilson Corpach ran aground on a sandbank below Briton Bridge, Neath river, South Wales, at around 01.00am on September 7th, while bound for Antwerp with a cargo of steel on board. The vessel was refloated at 10.30 and brought to anchor on Swansea anchorage.

Ferry Snav Sardegna suffered an engine malfunction on the afternoon of September 6th while travelling from Tangier to Genoa via Barcelona. The incident occurred south of Cartagena, with 800 passengers and 250 vehicles on board. Tugs were sent to tow the ferry to Cartagena. But the ferry reached Cartagena later in the evening under its own power, but at a reduced speed.

Fishing vessel Shun Fa 698 reportedly collided with general cargo vessel Kharis Pegasus in Taiwan Strait, some 22 nm northwest of Taichung, early on the morning of September 7th. Both vessels resumed sailing under their own power after being checked. Kharis Pegasus suffered damage to its railing and a dent in the hull portside. The fishing vessel was also said to have been damaged. Kharis Pegasus was reportedly traced by the coast guard.