Accident round-up – 30th September 2016

Self-propelled tank barge Anka spilled fuel at Elbe-Side-Canal between Luder and Gannerwinkel. The barge suffered a leak in a fuel tank. The crew pumped out the remaining fuel from the captured tank to an undamaged one. The fuel spot was surrounded by oil booms and traffic in vicinity was closed during the cleaning operation.

Anka was towed to the port of Witting, where it was inspected by divers. The ship had breaches underneath and was in urgent need of repair. According to the preliminary information the vessel hit an underwater object, which caused the breach.

Newbuild mega cruise ship Norwegian Joy, which is in the final stage of construction, caught fire at Meyer Yard in Papenburg. The manifold caught fire, generating a great deal of internal smoke. The fire alarm was activated and local firefighters quickly extinguished the flames. The goal of the building dock was opened for ventilation and work on the ship has been  suspended. Damages are estimated at about €50,000.