Accident round up : 2nd January 2016

Pollution has been reported around general cargo vessel Cabrera, which ran aground on northern coast of Andros Island, Greece, Aegean Sea, early on the morning of December 24th while en route from Larimna Greece to Tornio Finland, with cargo of iron or steel. The pollution is in the form of general debris and an oil leak. Cabrera was hard aground, partially sunk, with a 45 degree-list. The nine crew were evacuated by helicopter. An update from the Hellenic Coast Guard on the afternoon of December 28th said that crews have been able to pump 4,600 litres of oil from one of the ship’s fuel tanks. An absorbent boom had been placed along the length of the ship. The Coast Guard said that a clean-up of oil and debris was also continuing on nearby beaches and along the coastline. Cabrera (5,553dwt) was sailing from Larymna, Greece to Finland with 3,500 tons of ferronickel at the time of grounding. It is likely a total loss. No details of cover in P&I databases.

Hyundai Glovis car carrier Glovis Corona suffered a portside list of about 15 degrees after its cargo shifted due to rough weather east of Cuxhaven in the North Sea. The vessel was en route from Hamburg to Gothenburg before heading to the Middle East. The ship turned back due to rough weather on the night of December 26th and headed for outer anchorage at the port of Bremerhaven on the afternoon of December 27th. It developed a list en route. As of the afternoon of December 29th the list was preventing the vessel from docking at Bremerhaven. According to database Glovis Corona is covered by North P&I Club through senior member Hyundai Glovis Co Ltd.

Ferry Baltiysk suffered a cargo shift in the Baltic Sea at Kaliningrad anchorage, Russia. The vessel was waiting for a pilot to enter the port when it was caught in heavy seas, swinging around the anchor and remaining at beam to the swell. This

caused the derailing of two oil cars with fuel on upper deck and the development of a list to starboard. The crew secured the oil cars and weighed anchor, heading to open sea, awaiting an improvement in the weather. It remained for two days at sea and on December 29th successfully docked at the port for unloading. Baltiysk is 9,879dwt and 20,126grt. No details of vessel in P&I databases.

A passenger fell overboard from the cruise ship Independence of the Seas on December 22nd. The search was suspended at 5:44 p.m. on Friday December 23rd, after the 38 hours of searching. Later identified as 22-year-old Nathaniel Skokan, the passenger was reportedly seen going overboard from the cruise ship’s 12th deck. The vessel, owned by Miami-based cruise company Royal Caribbean, was some 33m southeast of Key Largo when the incident occurred. According to database, Independence Of The Seas is covered by UK P&I Club through member Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Ferry Sinaburg became stuck in a reef at Banda Sea near Tual port in Indonesia on December 22nd. It began to sink after suffering breaches and water ingress. All those on the ferry were rescued without serious injury. Salvage attempts were initially unsuccessful. Sinaburg is 3,485dwt and 14,716grt. No details of vessel in P&I databases.

The captain of ferry Wenatchee, which serves the ferry route across Puget Sound between the Point Defiance ferry terminal in Tacoma and Tahlequah, Washington, suffered a heart attack on the night of December 24th. The Captain struck a control panel as he fell, causing the ferry to lurch forward and collide with the pier. Service was suspended until pier repairs were completed. No detail of vessel in P&I databases.

During a repair stop on the Atlantic, Bremen Express experienced rolling for as yet unknown reasons. Some containers fell overboard. The ship was about 1,400nm west of Europe when the accident happened. The incident likely occurred on December 19th. The vessel is understood to have been taken out from service and is to be taken to Rotterdam. According to database, Bremen Express is covered by UK P&I Club through Member Hapag-Lloyd.

Ferry Super Shuttle Roro 5 was beached by typhoon Nock-Ten at around 11.00 local time on December 26th at Mabini coast, Batangas province, south of Manila, Philippines. All 25 passengers and crew were rescued.

Ferry Starlite Atlantic sank during typhoon Nock Ten on the morning of December 26th near Tingloy, Tingloy island, Batangsa Bay, Philippines. Although 14 passengers and crew were rescued, one female passenger died and eight remain missing.

FPSO OSX 1, installed at Rosfjorden, west of Kristiansand, Norway started to drift towards oil installations in the fjord on December 26th amid a strong storm. It is understood that one of her moorings failed. Tugs were called and OSX 1 was taken under control, preventing further drift. FPSO OSX 1 is 148,192dwt and 94,626grt. According to database FPSO OSX 1 is covered by Skuld Offshore, through Member FPSO Invest DAC

Turkish offshore supply ship Alcatras ran aground on the northern tip of Kos Island, Greece on the morning Dec 26. The vessel was said to be breached, with salvage hampered by strong winds and waves. The Turkish Captain is said to have asked for a Turkish tug, which led local authorities to become suspicious. A Greek Navy ship was then reportedly sent in. The ship was reported to have been loaded with an anti-missile system. No details of vessel in P&I databases

December 28: Korean trawler Apsari 3 caught fire at the Port of Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain. The vessel was docked at the port for decommissioning and dismantling, but some cables and sludge ignited, causing the main deck hull to catch fire. Fire teams and tugs poured water and foam over the burning trawler. After several hours the fire was brought under control. No detail of vessel in P&I databases.

Port tug La Bella struck the anchor of a general cargo vessel Gold Eagle at Zamboanga port, Philippines, on December 28th while trying to assist the freighter to enter port. The tug sank.