Accident round-up : 28th November 2016

Bulk carrier Agios Sostis 9473133 ran aground in the Parana river near a berth in Ramallo, Argentina. A sustained low water level in the river caused the vessel to strike bottom and become stuck in the berth during cargo handling operations. The ship was towed to a safe depth for special survey and safety inspection. The vessel remains at the anchorage, secured by two tugs, with the low water level causing added complications. Traffic in the shipping way was not affected. Agios Sostis is 76,000dwt and 41,342grt. According to database, Agios Sostis is covered by North P& I through senior member Brenford Finance SA.

Reefer tanker Araks ran aground in the Caspian Sea off Cape Sandy, Kazakhstan. The vessel dragged anchor in bad weather and ran aground on a sand/mud shallow by the port board. Most of the crew was then evacuated due to the danger of the vessel capsizing. Salvage will begin after weather improves. It is not known if ship

suffered any underwater breaches. Araks has 130 tonnes of waste oil, 200 tons of oil and 17 tons of solid waste in bags 617grt.