Accident round-up : 21st September 2016

Fire erupted in containers loaded in fore section of a container ship Wan Hai 307 off Hong Kong on the afternoon of September 19th. The ship was en route from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Hong Kong. Salvage ships and tugs went the scene to try to bring the fire under control. A firefighting team boarded the vessel. Some containers containing “dangerous” goods were reported to either be alight or near the fire.

Container ship Cygnus became unstable on September 19th, listing first to port and then to starboard, while resting on a berth in Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala, en route to Florida. The vessel was righted by using a shoreside mobile crane to move containers. The list was caused by faulty ballasting and miscalculation on container weight.

Arctic schooner Noorderlicht ran aground at Trygghamna, northwest of Longyearbyen, Svalbard Archipelago, on the evening of September 18th. The ship was on a cruise with 23 people on board. It was refloated with the help of offshore supply tug Polarsyssel and anchored at Trygghamna.

Product tanker Tosca collided with an anchored Philippine Navy ship, the BRP Tarlac, near Ensign Majini Pier, Zamboanga City, Philippines, on the evening of September 19th. Both vessels were only slightly damaged.

General cargo vessel Murat Hacibekiroglu 2 reported a list and water ingress in the aft, when northwest of Cyprus and about 35nm southwest of Alanya, Turkey. Nearby container ship Electra A was sent to the distressed vessel. The 10 crew abandoned Murat Hacibekiroglu 2 and went into life boats, before being rescued and taken to Alanya. At 15.30 on September 19th the vessel sank.