Accident round-up : 19th December 2017

Product tanker Reia Faye caught fire off Bataan, Philippines, after an explosion in the engine room when the tanker was anchored at Barangay Luz. Some fuel fumes exploded during welding works in the engineering compartment. Many of the 18 crew were injured, some suffering serious burns. The fire was extinguished by local authorities before it could spread to the cargo compartment, but the engine compartment was seriously damaged. Reia Faye is 1,200dwt. It is owned and managed by locally based Qea Marine Services & Trading. No details of vessel in P&I Club databases.

Iranian general cargo vessel Patris ran aground at the 50.5km mark of the Volga – Caspian Sea Canal at about 09.45 local time on December 15th, when loaded with 2,800 tons of corn. Its destination was Iran, but ice pushed it from the fairway. As of the morning of December 17th the vessel was still aground, awaiting the owner’s salvage contract. Icebreaker Kapitan Bukaev was on standby nearby. No details of vessels in P&I Club databases.

Ferry Fastcat M11 ran aground about 5nm off Tubigon Port, Bohol, Philippines, at around 18.00 local time on December 15th. It was refloated by 22.00 with the high tide, but was ordered to return back to Tubigon by the local Coast Guard for inspection. No details of vessel in P&I Club databases.

Cyclone Vardah, which hit Chennai port early last week, tore off the moorings of at least two vessels in harbour. These were Andaman islands ferry Akbar and port floating crane Thangam. The crane started to drift to the opposite side, where Navy ships were docked, but a collision was stopped by tugs and by the actions of a submarine crew. Akbar was understood to have lost its head mooring lines, but was secured and safely re-moored. No details of vessels in P&I Club databases.

Ro-ro Bastia became unstable for unknown reasons when entering dry dock in Livorno Italy, on December 15th, injuring three workers. The vessel did not appear to

be damaged. According to P&I database Bastia is covered with Standard Club through member/Owner Moby SpA.

Last Thursday, an accommodations unit and a 500-foot walkway on a Caspian Sea oil platform collapsed, sending 10 workers into the sea. One was found dead and nine remain missing. The following day divers found the cabin structure on the seafloor but did not find any remains inside, reports Reuters. The walkway was built in 1978 and had last undergone repairs in August, but this is the third fatal accident at least at a platform operated by Azerbaijani state oil company SOCAR since last year. During the Platform 10 response SOCAR was forced to shut 28 wells connected to Platform 10, as well as the facility’s export pipeline.