Accident round-up: 17th January 2017

Bulk carrier Harvest Sun has collided with Danish fishing vessel FN 126 Anna P in Kattegat strait east off Laeso island. The vessels appear to have collided in reasonable weather and visibility due to human error. The fishing boat’s bow was effectively destroyed but, despite water ingress. Managed to remain afloat. Nearby fishing ships responded to the mayday signal and evacuated the two fishermen. A Danish rescue boat pumped out water from the fishing vessel, which was towed to Osterby Havn in Laeso for repair. Harvest Sun suffered only minor damage and was quickly released to resume its voyage from Estonia to Cape Town, South Africa. No injuries were reported.

Cargo vessel Sigma was refloated at around 23.50 local time on January 15th, with no reported leaks. It was taken to Livorno and docked, with NERI Group reportedly contracted for salvage. Strong winds had pushed Sigma aground at Livorno beach, at around noon on January 13th. Refloating was hampered by stormy weather.