Accident round-up : 16th November 2016

General cargo ship Navemar-XII capsized and sank near the Lighthouse in Olinda, Brazil. The vessel was en route northwards from Recife to Fernando de Noronha when, shortly after leaving the separation scheme, struck an underwater reef, suffering underwater damage and water ingress. It then capsized, remaining with its keel above the water. A rescue boat collected all six seamen from the water and transferred them to shore. No injuries or water pollution was reported. According to Humberto Machado, managing director of the ship operator, the vessel is insured. The maritime administration and local authorities have sent a warning to seafarers to be extra-cautious  when navigating through the region.

Ferry Dumai Line 3 ran aground on Pulau Pedang island, Malacca Strait, during the afternoon of November 15th local time, while en route from Pulau Sambu, Singapore Strait, to Dumai. All passengers were evacuated but the vessel is hard aground. No details of vessel in P&I databases.

Container ship Heinrich Ehler allided with a dolphin while approaching Kiel-Holtenau Lock on the morning of November 12th, apparently the result of navigational error in dense fog. The wooden fending on the dolphin was part-destroyed, while the vessel suffered scratches to the bow. It resumed its voyage to Hamburg shortly after the accident. The estimated cost of the damage is €20,000. According to P&I database ship is covered by Gard, through client Reederei Heinz Ehler GmbH, with Gard AS being Claims Leader.

Chemical tanker Southern Falcon was allegedly attacked by Abu Sayyaf militants at around 18.00 local time on November 12th, 159nm east of Tarakan island, North Kalimantan, Celebes Sea. The pirates chased the tanker on small speed boats and, tried to board, but were thwarted by the crew.

General cargo vessel Casanova suffered an engine room fire while in dock in Barranquilla area, Colombia. The vessel was laid-up with one maintenance crew on board, but after a short circuit in the diesel generator the engine room caught fire. The fire subsequently engulfed the whole superstructure. The maintenance crew on board was evacuated, while the firefighters waited until the fire burned itself out. The 41-year-old vessel had been docked on the eastern coast of Colombia in the Barranquilla area since August 2016, laid-off and listed for sale. With most of the engineering and superstructure badly damaged, the future of the vessel is even more uncertain. No details of vessel in P&I databases.

General cargo vessel Nordic allided with a small Northern Lock gate in Brunsbuettel, Kiel Canal, on the morning of November 12th, apparently in dense fog, inflicting damage to the lock, which closed until November 14th. Nordic is understood to suffered little or no damage. No details of vessel in P&I databases.

Severe weather over the weekend has knocked out the shiploader at New Hope Corporation’s Queensland Bulk Handling coal terminal, situated just outside Brisbane. Initial indications are that it could take several weeks for the shiploader to be repaired, New Hope warned. The port has moved 7m tonnes of coal on 90 ships during the past financial year.