Accident round-up : 16th January 2017

The UK Coastguard coordinated an extensive search and rescue effort over the weekend after a 90-metre cargo ship Fluvius Tamar sank in the North Sea about 35nm northeast of Ramsgate early on Saturday morning January 14th, while en route from Netherlands to Spain. All seven crew members were rescued. The vessel lies at a depth of about 40 meters. The ship was carrying 3,800 tonnes of Magnesium oxide and 80 cubic meters of diesel fuel. No pollution has been reported.

Fuel oil spilled from an undetermined source in Izmit Bay, about 62nm east of Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara, closing the entrance for vessel transit inside the port, reports Wilhelmsen Ships Service. The local authorities immediately initiated water cleansing operations and restricted transition of vessels through the affected area. Traffic will remain suspended until Authorities will secure and identify source of fuel oil spillage. The oil spill blocked the entrance to Evyap Port, which is a private port for container and liquid bulk vessels. No insurance record found in P&I databases.

The mooring lines of ro-ro ferry Finnmerchant snapped late on January 11th at Hanko, Finland, in stormy weather. The vessel broke free and drifted across the harbour before bumping into docked ferry Trica. Finnmerchant was taken back by tugs, with both vessels said to have suffered only superficial damage. Trica left Hanko almost on time, but Finnmerchant was still at Hanko on January 12th. Finnmerchant is 13,274dwt and the 23,235grt. Ferry Trica is 18,250dwt and 28,289grt. According to database Finnmerchant is covered by Gard P&I through Member Finnlines plc. According to database Trica is covered by UK P&I Club through Member Spliethoff’s Bevrachtingskantoor BV.

Ferry Mirtidiotissa with 21 passengers and several vehicles on board was disabled after suffering mechanical failure on the afternoon of January 13th while en route from Agios Konstantinos, Phthiotida, to Skiathos island, Aegean Sea, in a strait between northern Euboea island and mainland. No record of insurance in P&I databases.

Strong winds pushed general cargo vessel Sigma aground at Livorno beach, at around noon January 13th. Refloating has been hampered by stormy weather. The crew remain on board. No record of vessel insurance found in P&I databases.

Ferry Prevelis allided with a pier at Kasos, Kasos Island, Greece, on the afternoon of January 12th, on arrival from Rhodes. The vessel suffered slight above-the-waterline damage. After as inspection it was given permission for a single voyage, to

undergo survey afterwards. According to database Prevelis is covered by UK P&I Club through Member Anonimi Naftiliaki Eteria Kritis.

Passenger ship National Geographic Orion suffered an engine failure on Dec 27th 2016, which has forced it to cancel a number of its scheduled Antarctica sailings. The incident occurred as the ship was leaving the Antarctic Peninsula on its return to Ushuaia. The ship is now on its way back to port through the Drake Passage at the reduced speed of about 5 kts. All January departures have been cancelled.  A team of engineers has been dispatched to Ushuaia to assess the technical issues. Once the evaluation has been completed, Lindblad Expeditions will release additional information. Passengers onboard when the incident occurred will receive reimbursement for any costs incurred due to their late arrival into Ushuaia, and a $1,000 credit toward future travel with Lindblad. Those who had already travelled to Santiago for the (cancelled) December 27th departure will receive a 100% refund including airfare. No record of vessel found in P&I databases.