Accident round-up: 15th November 2016

General cargo ship Georgios Alexios collided with French fishing vessel Antaeus in Saint-Georges Canal, between UK and Ireland, during a period of dense fog. The accident occurred in the UK responsibility zone. Georgios Alexios hit the port board of the fishing vessel and almost capsized it, causing it serious damage. Antaeus remained afloat and managed to reach the French port of Douamenez under its own power. Georgios Alexios suffered only minor damage and continued its voyage to Antwerp. No injuries or water pollution resulted. No details of either vessel found in P&I databases.

Oil products tanker Taiko Maru collided with passenger ferry Asakaze No 5 at Hakodate Harbour, Japan. The ferry, with 30 passengers onboard, was leaving the port en route to Aomori, but crossed the route of the tanker, causing a collision, despite both skippers reversing engines at the last minute. Taiko Maru hit the ferry’s starboard at a slow speed. Both vessels were quickly released to return to operations, but are to be inspected at their next ports of call. No details of cover found in any P&I databases.

Container ship X-Press Etna ran aground in the Port of Rotterdam shortly after leaving dock. The vessel suffered a blackout and engine failure during manoeuvring to leave the port. It left the shipping way and struck a sandbank, but without suffering any breaches or underwater damage. At high tide X-Press Etna, which is en route to

St Petersburg, was refloated and berthed at the pier in Port of Rotterdam for a safety inspection and underwater survey. According to P&I database, X-Press Etna is covered by West of England, through owner Clemenceau Private Ltd.

Container ship MSC Anisha R lost propulsion and power on the River Scheldt near Terneuzen, Netherlands, after an engine failure. The vessel remained adrift at the shipping channel of the river, with the crew unable to restart the main engine. Multraship tug anchored and secured the container vessel outside the shipping lane. Traffic in the river was hampered during the accident and further salvage. The vessel is still anchored near Terneuzen, awaiting delivery of spare parts needed for repair. According to P&I database MSC Anisha R is covered by Gard, through client Mediterranean Shipping Co. Claims leader is Generali Re AG.