Accident round-up : 15th December 2016

Tanker Beate Jaegers suffered breaches in the bow after a collision with another loaded barge in Volkerak lake, while en route from Duisburg. The barge lost propulsion power and headed towards Beate Jaegers, which was unable to avoid a collision. Both ships collided at the portside fore, which caused the above-water breaching of Beate Jaegers. Both vessels remained afloat. Beate Jaegers suffered

large hole in the bow section above the water line, but without water ingress or immediate danger for the seaworthiness. It was docked at Weurt West Canal in Nijmegen for repairs There was no reported water pollution and no damage to cargo or fuel tanks.

General cargo vessel Rigel A, which reportedly sank on September 14th, reportedly is still afloat, although drifting and slowly sinking, at 14 30N 049 05E, leading to a confused situation. The vessel, loaded with some 1,700 tons of food, was previously reported as having sunk on the anchorage of Mukalla port, Yemen coast, Gulf of Aden, on the morning of September 14th. Having suffered water ingress via cracks in the hull.