ABS can conduct nearly all annual surveys remotely

Classification society ABS has said that it was now able to conduct almost all classification annual surveys remotely on eligible vessels.

Earlier this week it launched 10 additional remote survey options and now offers 28 surveys and audits that can be delivered remotely.

Joe Riva, ABS Vice President and Chief Surveyor, said that “the industry is telling us they want our services delivered remotely, particularly in the current challenging environment, and I am proud that we are providing the most comprehensive remote services portfolio in the industry. We are delivering the next generation of classification today through surveys conducted anywhere in the world at any time, without interrupting operations for surveyor attendance.”

The new remote services include:

  • Annual Hull Survey
  • Annual Machinery Survey
  • Annual Automation Survey
  • Annual Dynamic Positioning Survey
  • Annual Navigational Bridge Layout and Equipment/Systems Survey and
  • Annual Load Line Inspection, when authorized by flag administration

Eligible vessels include general cargo vessels, barges (other than tank barges), tugs, offshore support vessels and liquefied natural gas carriers under 15 years of age, with a few qualifying criteria. ABS now allows alternate annual surveys to be conducted remotely, except the fifth annual survey, which has special survey requirements.

ABS has also extended its remote survey and audit services to existing equipment manufacturing and external specialist clients enrolled in ABS programs.