A second superyacht collides with operator booth in St Maarten

The operator booth on Simpson Bay Bridge on St Maarten island in the Caribbean is perhaps one of the most unfortunate in the region, if not the world, having been hit by two superyachts within the space of three years.

The 43-metre Royal Denship Babca collided with the operator booth on January 8th in a carbon copy of an incident in early 2019 when the 86m superyacht Ecstasea ripped the booth from the pier.

The Royal Denship Babca hit the bridge on its starboard side, before heeling to port. No-one was injured in the incident and the yacht was successfully piloted into the lagoon, although it was unclear how much damage the yacht sustained.

Local media reports said that conditions were unusually windy at the time.

On Monday the Simpson Bay Lagoon Authority (SLAC) reported that officials from Port St Maarten Group (PSG) had carried out a preliminary assessment of the bridge. It had discovered some damage to wires leading to the operations consoles. It said that operations were now continuing as normal from the machine room and that the bridge was once again fully operational.