A dozen injured after Toronto Island ferry collides with dock

Toronto Island ferry Sam McBride struck the dock at Jack Layton Ferry Terminal on Saturday afternoon August 20th, leaving a dozen people injured, including two children.

Toronto police Duty Inspector Lori Kranenburg said that “there was a collision with the boat as it was docking and that caused several passengers to fall forward, which resulted in their injuries”.

Kranenburg said there were 912 passengers and six crew on board the ferry at the time of the incident. Toronto paramedics said that twelve people suffered minor injuries, most of whom were later released, although five people, including two children, were taken to hospital for treatment.

Fire District Chief Steve Buckingham said 10 of their apparatus, including two fire boats, responded to the incident to initially help assist in disembarking passengers and to triage injured individuals. The cause of the crash was unknown.

The City of Toronto, which operates the island ferries, said that it had reduced service until further notice as a result of the incident.