Windward extends relationship with Gard

Tel Aviv-based maritime analytics company has extended its relationship with Norway-based marine insurer Gard, delivering a wider set of behavioural analytics  – enabling Gard to streamline its sanctions compliance processes.

Windward head of insurance business Nick Maddalena said that “we are delighted to be working more closely with Gard. They are a market leader in the field of marine insurance, and their approach to the use of analytics and AI is key to both the development of their business and its protection in a changing regulatory environment.”

Gard chief legal counsel Lars Lislegard-Bækken said that “we have been working with Windward for around 18 months and have had the opportunity to get a good understanding of what their domain expertise and data could deliver for different areas of the group. Issues such as the OFAC advisories published in 2019 are gamechangers for our compliance requirements, and services that can increase both quality and efficiency in our sanctions compliance operations are very valuable.”