Washbourn’s new marine MGA hires Maughan and Roadnight from Antares: report

A new MGA from Clive Wasbourn, erstwhile marine chief at Beazley, is reported to have hired Emma Roadnight, cargo underwriter at Antares, and Henry Maughan, class underwriter marine cargo at Antares, both in their thirties.

Washbourn launched the MGA through Fidelis’s Pine Walk platform with $100m of capacity.

Pine Walk was founded in 2017 by CEO Rinku Patel, with Fidelis, as an MGA incubator. Pine Walk Capital Ltd is a Fidelis Group company.

Clive Washbourn led a marine based account at syndicate 623 (Beazley) from December 1998, having previously been Active Underwriter at Syndicate 375 (ACE), where he spent seven years, the last year of which he was Active Underwriter. He stepped down from his role at Beazley in February 2019.