US to ban Russian-affiliated ships from its ports

US President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he intended to ban Russian-affiliated ships from US. This would follow a similar move already made by Canada and European nations.

The White House will release a proclamation with more details.

The US President said that “no ship that sails under the Russian flag or is owned or operated by a Russian entity will be allowed to dock in a United States port or access our shores.”

Reuters reported that in 2021 Russian vessels made about 1,800 visits, a small percentage of overall traffic, meaning that a ban would have little to no impact on US supply chains. The relative slowness of the US in imposing the ban when compared to the actions of Canada and European countries was thought to be caused by the decision by the Biden administration to undertake an extensive review to ensure that any ban on Russian ships would not seriously impact US supply chains.

The United States had previously barred Russian airplanes from US airspace, joining Canada and European nations in the action. It has banned Russian oil imports, which had accounted for much of the prior Russian ship traffic to the US.