Ukraine premiums soar and losses loom in uncertain marine war picture

The London insurance market is beginning to fear that vessels stranded in Ukraine could result in claims. Current coverage for vessels wanting to enter the Black Sea was reported as scarce and expensive.

The combination of a possible increase in the level of sanctions, dramatic rises in insurance costs and the sheer physical dangers appeared to be impacting severely the level of shipping into and out of Russian ports. However, there remained reports of some shipping heading toward Russia, primarily focusing on the grain cargoes from the Black Sea ports.

Rumours of a Russian invasion of Ukraine began to hit shipping levels last month (February), even before the attack and subsequent imposition of the first sanctions. plus port bans on Russian ships imposed by the UK and Canada.

Data service Project44 reported that it measured a 35% decline in the number of vessels within 50nm of Russian ports between February 1st and March 2nd.

Shipping services company GAG Group has cautioned ships inbound to Russia. “For any vessel calling at Novorossiysk with Ukrainian crew on board, berthing without inward clearance formalities is prohibited,” the GAG Hot Port News stated earlier this week, adding that “all Ukrainian crew should be delivered ashore by service boat to the Immigration office, and will be transported back to their vessel after their meeting with Immigration.”

Danish Shipping News quoted ship management company Anglo-Eastern as saying that Ukrainian seafarers were being interrogated, while Russian crewmembers are being detained.

As reported in yesterday’s IMN, Russian port calls over the past week appear to have begun a sharp decline. At the moment there is still considerable traffic from Russian ports, even in the Sea of Azov and at Novorossiysk but the vast majority of such traffic is Russian-flagged.

Lloyd’s List Intelligence is reporting that six bulkers were heading to Novorossiysk on the Black Sea. They said that the ships, which are registered in Barbados, Panama, Liberia, Malta, and the Marshall Islands, are tied to Turkish, Greek, and Indian interests and have a capacity of more than 250,000 dwt.

IMN took a (possibly non-exhaustive) snapshot of traffic on Thursday March 10th. This indicated that there were still a considerable number of vessels travelling to and from Russian and Russian controlled ports (the vast majority of them Russian flagged), but within the northern Black Sea around Ukraine, marine traffic had almost ground to a halt. Marine traffic then began again on the coast of Romania.

Of the vessels detected in the “high-risk” area, five non-Ukraine-flagged vessels were still in Odesa

A short way to the west, there were nine more non-Ukraine vessels in Chornomorsk.

On the eastern side of Odesa in Yuzhny on the Small Adzhalyk Estuary were four more vessels.

Further east still in the Dniepr estuary there seem to be three ships, two of them moored in Nika Tera and one at anchor.

Further north in Mykolaiv were another two vessels.

Near Kherson there were five or so vessels picked up by satellite, but no AIS was available.

Port Ship IMO No Type Flag GT Built
Odesa Riva Wind 9301196 Bulk Carrier Marshall Islands 31,261 2005
Odesa Polarstar 9310757 Bulk Carrier Liberia 19,885 2006
Odesa Razoni 9086526 Bulk Carrier Sierra Leone 18,495 1996
Odesa Kaptan Cevdet 9005895 General Cargo Turkey 1,572 1992
Odesa Joseph Schulte 9605243 Container ship Hong Kong 94,402 2013
Chornomorsk Mustafa Necati 9736690 Oil/Chemical Tanker Liberia 4,684 gt 2015
Chornomorsk I Maria 8914697 Bulk Carrier Belize 22,147 1991
Chornomorsk Arizona 9592733 Bulk carrier Liberia 33,044 2010
Chornomorsk Cenk M 7382366 RoRo Cargo Comoros 8,619 1975
Chornomorsk Rojen 9754927 Bulk Carrier Malta 27,781 2019
Chornomorsk PolarNet 9758961 General Cargo Turkey 8,559 2016
Chornomorsk Greifswald 8311912 RoRo Passengers Panama 24,084 1988
Chornomorsk Ocean Lion 9296248 Bulk Carrier Liberia 38,877 2005
Yuzhny Ocean Courtesy 9465198 Bulk Carrier Marshall Islands 91,407 2008
Yuzhny Maran Astronomer 9581239 Bulk Carrier Greece 90104 2012
Yuzhny Maran Excellence 9703241 Bulk Carrier Malta 94,594 2016
Yuzhny Nord Virgo 9711937 Bulk Carrier Panama 43,291 2014
Nika Tera Panda 9288540 Bulk Carrier Panama 17,591 2004
Nika Tera Maryland 8418758 Bulk Carrier Liberia 17,464 1993
Nika Tera (at anchor) Mallard S 9427392 Bulk Carrier Liberia 15,861 2010
Mykolaiv Cengiz Bey 9301342 General Cargo Barbados 7,823 2004
Mykolaiv New Challenge 9129627 Bulk Carrier Belize 16,285 1996

The crew of cargo ship New Challenge have called on the Lebanese authorities to ensure a safe passage for them after the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The ship has on board 23 sailors, two Lebanese, eight Egyptians and 13 Syrians, and finished loading on February 23rd. The sailors on board called on the Lebanese authorities to establish the necessary contacts with the parties concerned in Russia and Ukraine to ensure a safe passage for the ship. They said that their stocks of food, water and other daily needs were running out.

Ship Group Club if known Notes
Riva Wind Swedish Club Piraeus Team, Avantage Shipping Co
Polarstar North Erma Marine SA
Joseph Schulte Gard Dover Park Shipping Co Pte Ltd
Mustafa Necati West Eastern Claims Team, Topkapi Shipping Inc
Arizona UK Club Nugent Shipping SA
Rojen West Eastern Claims Team, Rojen Maritime Ltd
Ocean Lion London Club Felice navigation Co
Ocean Courtesy North White Reefer Line Corp
Maran Astronomer North Maggiore Shipping Inc
Nord Virgo Gard Sun Lanes Shipping SA
Panda American Heloni Shipping Co