Sulphur 2020 – China and France

Steamship Mutual has said that it has received some updates on the new sulphur restrictions that relate to China and France.

In China the China Classification Society (CCS) has issued an English version bulletin discussing some of the key points relating to the implementation of the 2020 global sulphur limit. The document includes information about requirements for information submission; requirements for disposal of non-compliant fuel carried on board ships; requirements for recording of fuel oil suppliers; supervision and enforcement.

In France, correspondent McLeans have provided an update regarding some recent sulphur inspections in France. The article by McLeans outlines what might happen in inspections in France and provides a diagram showing various possible scenarios, including possible penalties if a breach is determined to have occurred.

The correspondent noted that, from its experience in the main ports it covers, Nantes Saint-Nazaire and La Rochelle, it appeared very difficult when a ship was pursued for infringement of low sulphur rules to predict what would ensue.

A very minor excess at La Rochelle might see the Public Prosecutor instruct Maritime Police, order the immobilization of the vessel and request guarantees, whereas for more significant excesses at Saint-Nazaire the correspondent said that it had never heard from the Public Prosecutor, although this was not to say that the Master would not be summoned to appear before Court during the following months.