Steamship reports USCG safety alert on wire rope failures

Steamship Mutual has advised members of a Marine Safety Alert issued by the US Coast Guard on November 9th 2021 regarding the use of wire ropes produced by Southwest Wire Rope Company.

The Club noted that there was “an ongoing safety investigation by USCG following the catastrophic failure of a new wire rope provided by the SWWR company within a month of being newly installed which revealed several discrepancies in the company’s product fabricating procedures and quality management processes”.

The USCG has said that the wire rope, which was the subject of the investigation, was found not to match the specifications on the purchase order and receipt provided to the client by SWWR.

The subject wire rope was both constructed of the wrong components and with an improperly applied fitting compared with what was ordered by the client.

Additionally the USCG observed discrepancies in the subject wire rope’s improperly applied swaged fittings and the use of the incorrect size of swaged fittings, which resulted in unintentional damage to the wire rope and eventual catastrophic failure of the termination. The USCG said that at the moment it was unaware of how long this quality control measure had been an issue for the company and, for this reason, was issuing a safety alert.