Some days before final ZIM Kingston fire pockets will be put out

Authorities dealing with the loss of containers and the breaking out of a fire on board container ship ZIM Kingston off the cost of Canada and the US near Vancouver Island have said that it would take a few days before the last fire pockets on board the vessel could be extinguished. Until that has happened, the ship will not be allowed to call at port.

Specialist firefighters were now on board the ship, although winds continued to blow strongly in the waters where the ship is anchored, which was making it difficult to extinguish the fire completely.

The strong winds have also prevented thus far the salvage of the 40 containers that the vessel lost immediately before the fire. Most of the containers were said to be floating still, although a few had washed ashore.

Local residents were firmly warned not to try to open or even approach any containers that grounded on beaches, as two of the containers lost overboard were believed to contain the same chemicals that were the cause of the fire on board the ship.

It was not yet clear which port would eventually receive the fire-damaged ship. Once in port, all containers will be taken off. An investigation will then attempt to establish the sequence of events and that the damage that the fire has caused.

A salvage master from Resolve Marine and the accompanying boarded the vessel during the night of October 25th. Danaos Shipping Co said that it was co-operating with Canadian officials and had contracted a firefighting company to help fight the fires. It had received permission from the Canadian Coast Guard to allow technical experts and two marine firefighters on board the ship.

2008-built, Malta-flagged, 40,030 gt Zim Kingston is owned by Balticsea Marine Inc care of manager Danaos Shipping Inc of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with Swedish Club (Piraeus team) on behalf of Balticsea Marine Inc.