Shipnext develops new emissions index

Belgium-based Independent shipping platform Shipnext has introduced a new emissions index in what it described as a bid to address widely-held industry concerns about the IMO emissions reduction measures.

The SHIPNEXT Voyage Emission Index (SVEI) is based on the individual technical parameters of the vessel, its speed, consumption and intake, and takes into account the actual cargo quantity and the intended voyage.

SVEI considers the ship’s fuel consumption at sea to reflect the work of the particular vessel. Fuel consumption in the port is ignored, since such consumption is comparable for most ships and the time of loading and discharging is determined mainly by port technology, not by the technical capabilities of the vessel.

Shipnext has proposed SHIPNEXT CII (SCII) as an alternative to the IMO’s own Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating, which seeks to measure the efficiency of a vessel above 5,000 gt. The IMO also intends to give vessels a performance score between A-D, with criteria becoming increasingly stringent by 2030.

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Carriers have complained that the IMO CII fails to incentivize cargo optimization – indeed it throws up some serious anomalies as unintended consequences – and some have called for a methodology that rewards more productive vessels. Shipnext said that SCII had been designed to achieve this.