Shahr E Kord clean of arms, but still detained at Misrata

Iranian container ship Shahr E Kord has been declared detained at Misrata, Libya, although an inspection revealed no prohibited arms on board.

Shahr E Kord had 144 containers on board when it berthed at Misrata on April 26th. Despite the absence of prohibited arms the ship has been banned from leaving port because the ship has been included in the US sanctions.

The Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) blacklisted Shahr E Kord on November 5th last year. AIS tracking showed that she was bound for Misrata from the port of Burgas, Bulgaria when she was intercepted.

IRISL director Mohammad Saeedi told local media that reports that the Shahr E Kord had been detained were inaccurate, and that IRISL was in talks with the Tripoli-based government. “There is a dispute with the Libyan government about a ship that we are negotiating to resolve, but that ship has not been seized”, Saeedi said.

The eastern Libyan administration of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, which is fighting the GNA for control of the country, claimed that the Kord was delivering arms to the Tripoli-based government.

2012-built, Iran-flagged, 23,289 gr Shahr E Kord is owned by Mosakhar Darya Shipping Co care of manager Rahbaran Omid Darya Ship Management Co of Tehran, Iran.