Real-time satellite-based surveillance of ships goes live

Italian firm Leonardo has launched an ocean surveillance platform which it claimed would enable the viewing of the exact position of a vessel in real time.

Defence firm Leonard claimed that the platform, called SEonSE (Smart Eyes on the Seas), could be used as a tool in the fight against piracy.

The product was launched last week at the UK Farnborough International Airshow.

The company also claimed that the cloud-based technology, accessible via an iPhone, would aid in the fight against illegal fishing, help marine law enforcement and provide better market analysis for firms that regularly use shipping lanes.

“A huge amount of data is automatically processed in real-time for the protection of people and the maritime environment,” the company said, noting that the raw data was collated from several satellites, some of which transmitted a radar system providing the exact position of vessels. Others provided imagery, meaning the system could track vessels that had chosen not to comply with identification requirements at sea. SEonSE also factored in the Automatic Identification System (AIS).

Leonardo said there are 7 million AIS signals sent every day. Information from the world registry of ships, as well as weather and oceanographic information, was also crunched by the Leonardo big data platform.