Practice guidance for shipment of project and equipment cargoes

Skuld: Jia Hong Liu, Assistant Vice President, Technical Manager, aided by Lin Hong of Beacon Marine Consultant Co have provided Skuld members with guidance on the shipment of project and equipment cargoes.

The writer explained that project and equipment were sensitive and high-value cargoes that could easily be damaged if handled improperly. The damage and loss to such cargoes were mostly caused by improper operations and insufficient supervision.

Therefore, from a loss-prevention perspective, applying best practices as well as fully understanding and controlling the various key phases in the process of stowage, loading, securing and discharging operations played an important role in safe transportation, Liu wrote.

The guide is a supplement to the loss prevention article on shipment of project and equipment cargoes, published on on June 28th 2021. It provides member’s managers, masters, and preloading surveyors with insight to correct methods of project and equipment shipment on bulk carriers. It also offers recommendations of best practices for loading, stowing, lashing, securing, monitoring and discharging of project and equipment cargoes.

  • Best practices and considerations in operations
  • Loading
  • Lashing and securing
  • Monitoring during voyage