Petition to release detained Captain

Secretary General of InterManager Captain Kuba Szymanski has called on people to sign a petition calling for the release of Captain Andrzej Lasota, who was arrested by Mexican authorities on August 5th.

Lasota, master of Cyprus-flagged general cargo ship UBC Savannah, has been under arrest for around four months, allegedly without either due cause or trial. He was arrested on charges of negligence in failing to be aware that the ship he commanded might have been carrying prohibited substances being illegally delivered to Mexico and placing the lives and health of the country’s citizens at risk.

More than 240kg of cocaine, buried under several thousand tons of coal, was discovered when ship’s Duty Officer, having noticed suspicious packages in the hold during unloading, informed the First Officer, who subsequently notified the master.

Lasota immediately suspended discharging and reported the findings to the Mexican authorities who then arrested both the vessel and the entire crew.