No plan to construct a double channel, says Egyptian president

Egyptian President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi said after visiting the Suez Canal Authority Headquarters last week that there was no current plan to construct a double channel. He said that the current Suez Canal was capable of serving the majority of vessels worldwide. However, he said that experts would conduct a study in regards to such proposal.

The President said that there were two new ports which were ready to be inaugurated within the coming two months. The first one was Berenice, situated about 825 km south of Suez on the Red Sea, with a 1,600 metre-quay. At the other end of the Canal, on the Mediterranean, Gargoob Port is situated around 200 km from the Egyptian-Libyan border. It too has a 1,600-metre quay and 18 metres draft.

He said that Sukhna, Damietta, Alexandria and Abu Qir ports were being improved on all systematic and technical levels.

Sukhna Port was being prepared to be the biggest port on the Red Sea within the coming two years. The Abu Qir Port was being prepared to have a 22-metre draft.

A railway network was being constructed to link between the developed ports of the Red Sea and the developed ports on the Mediterranean.