New Zealand extends sanctions on Russia to include yachts, other ships, planes

New Zealand is to introduce legislation that will allow it to impose sanctions against Russia – the first time New Zealand will have levied sanctions on a specified individual country.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that sanctions would give New Zealand the ability to freeze Russian assets in New Zealand, prevent people and companies from moving their money and assets here to escape sanctions imposed by other countries, and stop superyachts, ships and aircraft from entering the country’s waters or airspace.

It has also released a list banning 100 individuals from travelling to New Zealand.

New Zealand law had previously only permitted the implementation of sanctions when the UN Security Council imposed them. However, the Security Council will not be able to impose sanctions on Russia as Russia has the power to veto them.

Ardern said the government was forced to introduce the new legislation because the current multilateral system had been shown to be limited, “Ultimately if we had a security council that was more functional we would not be facing this issue in the first place,” she said.