New app for evidence gathering from North

North P&I Club has launched a mobile app which it said would make easier the gathering of evidence. It said that the app would make the collecting of evidence on incidents faster, easier and more accurate, while enhancing reporting consistency in future claims.

“The MRCE Handbook” app from North (compatible with Android, iPhones and Windows OS on tablets) is aimed at senior officers, surveyors and shore-based technical and marine personnel, helping them gather evidence quickly and efficiently, using standardized formats on mobile phones and tablets.

The MRCE Handbook app has been developed by North’s in-house Loss Prevention Team. It uses proven methodologies established in The Mariner’s Role in Collecting Evidence Handbook.

The source Handbook outlines the most commonly occurring incidents and accidents on board ship, offering evidence collection checklists for each.

Colin Gillespie, Director (Loss Prevention) at North, said that “evidence that is gathered and preserved at the time of the incident is invaluable to the resolution of claims and disputes. Using digital tools to streamline its collection helps with speed and accuracy, making it more likely that a comprehensive and objective record of events is established. Timely collection reinforces the value of evidence, both for pursuing and defending claims.”

The app is free to access for all North-entered Members and Correspondents. It offers guidance on best practice in evidence-gathering methods and covers incidents such as those involving people or cargo, those caused by vessels (including pollution), and those relating to H&M claims or commercial disputes.

Mike Salthouse, Global Director (Claims) at North, said that “once the facts are known they can be used to demonstrate compliance or determine liability, but also to learn and help prevent similar incidents from happening in the future,” said “Establishing what really happened and how it happened is critical and, as well as making it easier for mariners to fulfil evidence-gathering duties, The MRCE Handbook app will also help to base safety recommendations on more accurate evidence.”