MUA calls on national cabinet to intervene in its dispute with Patrick

The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has called on the National Cabinet to intervene and to halt Patrick seeking to terminate its enterprise agreement at the Fair Work Commission.

The union claims the termination of the enterprise agreement would have a “catastrophic” impact on shifts and productivity, and would end Patrick’s ability to operate 24 hours a day. Patrick had previously said that this claim was “nonsense”. It also added that any changes to pay and rosters wouldn’t come into effect until six

months after the agreement is terminated.

MUA national secretary Paddy Crumlin said Patrick would “throw a spanner in the works of Australian port operations” if they terminated the enterprise agreement, which would be replaced by the basic award.

Crumlin said that “in pursuit of their own self-interest, Patrick Terminals’ management seem willing to put Australia’s domestic supply chains under massive, cumulative pressure at the worst possible time.”

MUA assistant secretary Jamie Newlyn noted that the union had concluded enterprise agreements with the “entire stevedoring industry” – apart from Patrick Terminals.

“The union is not seeking anything more from Patricks than has already been agreed to by other stevedoring companies,” he said.