Men arrested under suspicion of illegal MGO transaction

Singapore’s Police Coast Guard (PCG), in a joint operation with the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), arrested eleven men on October 30th. They were suspected of  involvement in an illegal transaction of marine gas oil (MGO).

The PCG arrested six crew members of a craft belonging to a marine service provider and another five crewmen of a foreign-registered tugboat. The illegal transaction of MGO was said to have been taking place off Northern Tuas.

The crew members of the marine service provider’s craft are alleged to have misappropriated the MGO and sold it to the crew members of the foreign-registered tugboat. The tugboat was seized for investigation.

The six seafarers of the craft owned by the marine service provider will be charged in court with criminal breach of trust as servant and the five tugboat workers will be charged in court with dishonestly receiving stolen property.