Marine accident round-up : 17th July 2017

Containership Reecon Whale (IMO 9372585) suffered a breakdown of its main engine and had to be stopped with an emergency anchoring soon after leaving the port of Ancona shortly past midnight on July 12th, bound for Bari, The port pilot was on board and was assisted by a port tug. After the engines were running again, the ship resumed its voyage and arrived in Bari on the afternoon of July 12th, where investigations continued to ensure the full efficiency of the engine. On the morning of July 13th the ship sailed to Gioia Tauro (Palmi). 2011-built, Malta-flagged, 10,689 gt Reecon Whale is owned by Fudas Denizcilik Isletme AS of Hamburg, Germany, and managed by Furtrans Ship Management GmbH of the same address. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of member Furtrans Denizcilik Ticaret.

New vehicle carrier Siem Cicero (IMO 9762534) lost its steering and ran aground on the River Ems shortly after midday on July 13th after diverting from its course in the Dollart-Bight. A software fault meant that the ship could no longer be steered, causing her to touch bottom outside the fairway between the radar station and the Emder Knock. Two tugs were ordered by the Master to pull the vessel back into the port of Emden where she had berthed on July 11th, having only been launched 10 days earlier. Divers conducted a bottom survey but found no damage. The software mistake was corrected and the ship left for Halifax shortly after midnight on July 14th.
2017-built, Liberia-flagged, 56,677 gt Siem Cicero is owned by Auto Marine Transport Inc of the Cayman Islands and managed by Siem Car Carriers AS of Grimstad, Norway. It is entered with Skuld on behalf of member Auto Marine Transport Inc.

Small French trawler Atlantis was in collision with LPG tanker Chelsea (IMO 9392250) off the port of Le Havre shortly before midday on July 13th. The tanker was anchored at the time and suffered a dent in the hull from the collision. The Atlantis suffered damage on the port side stern above the water line. 2008-built, Singapore-flagged 7,218 gt Chelsea is owned by Windemere Shipping Pte care of Komaya Shipping Pte of Singapore, and managed by Komaya Shipping Pte. It is entered with Britannia P&I on behalf of Windemere Shipping Pte. General cargo ship Mosvik (IMO 8710998) developed a list on the Holtenau Anchorage when approaching the locks of the Kiel Canal on the afternoon of July 14th, while en route from Riga to Creeksea. After first listing to starboard, it then heeled 30 degrees to port. The crew of 12 only kept it from capsizing by abandoning the deck cargo of plywood, as a result of which between 25 and 30 bundles landed in the water of the Kiel Fjord. The locks remained closed until the driftwood was recovered. Meanwhile, the ship dropped anchor off Holtenau and stabilized. It was escorted into the East Shore Port in Kiel that evening. 1987-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 2,236 gt Mosvik is owned by Norvik Shipping care of Bulkship Management, Oslo, Norway, and managed by Bulkship Management AS of the same address. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Belbilk Shipping Pte Ltd.–schlagseite-seenot-in-der-kielerfoerde—ladung-ins-wasser-gerutscht-27972952

Container ship MSC Alice (IMO 9232632) which had been detained by Somalian authorities for allegedly damaging underwater fibre cables by dragging anchor around June 29th, cutting off Somalia’s internet access as a result, appears to have been released from Mogadishu Port on July 13th. As of Sunday afternoon local time July 16th the vessel was in the Gulf of Aden some 60m east of the Gulf of Tadjoura, according to AIS tracking data. The Somali Attorney-General Ahmed Ali Dahir claimed that the outage was costing the country $10m a day, and said that the government was seeking compensation. 2003-built, Liberia-flagged, 16,803 gt MSC Alice is owned by Alice Container Inc of Limassol, Cyprus, and managed by MSC Shipmanagement Ltd of the same address. It is entered with Steamship Mutual P&I Club.