Marine accident round-up : 9th September 2019

General cargo ship Fehn Calypso (IMO 9557393) was involved in the rescue of 10 distressed migrants off the coast of Algier during the afternoon of September 3rd while she was en route from Milos to Le Treport. The wooden five-metre boat was about 455 miles off the coast. The freighter headed towards the position and supplied the men with water, food and medication for seasickness. The crew alerted the MRCC in Alméria, which advised the ship to remain on standby until SAR ship Salvamare Spika arrived on site. About three hours later it took the men on board and transported them to Spain. 2012-built, Antigua & Barbuda-flagged, 1,934 gt Fehn Calypso is owned by Funfzigste ehn Schiffahrts care of Fehn Ship Management GmbH of Leer, Germany. It is entered with Hanseatic.

Cyprus flagged cargo m/v Sea Prospect (IMO 9516143) was in collision with cargo ship Sagasbank (IMO 9369655) during the late afternoon of September 3rd, apparently the result of a sudden strong wind gust. The latter was already berthed inside the New Southern Lock of the Kiel Canal in Brunsbüttel. The Sea Prospect, which was en route from Kantvik to Casablanca, hit the stern of the berthed vessel. Both ships suffered dents and scratches above the water line. Both vessels were able to continue their respective scheduled voyage. 2012-built, Cyprus-flagged, 6,872 gt Sea Prospect is owned by CA Sea Prospect Shipping Ltd care of Bulkship Management AS of Oslo, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of CA Sea Prospect Shipping Ltd. It is entered with Gard AS as claims leader for H&M and Loss of Hire on behalf of Bulkship Management AS.

2010-built, Netherlands-flagged, 2,999 gt Sagasbank is owned by Bankship IB BV care of manager Pot Scheepvaart BV of Delfzijl, Netherlands. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Noord Nederlandsche P&I Club. It is entered for loss of hire with Gard AS on behalf of Pot Scheepvaart.

An unknown liquid leaked out of a container aboard cargo ship Hyundai Dynasty (IMO 9347578) during the early evening of September 2nd after she had berthed at the Predöhl Quay in Hamburg. As there was a danger of it being a hazardous substance, the fire rescue was alerted and the affected container was taken from the ship in a special hazardous goods box. It was opened by a reconnaissance troop with breathing protection and special protective suits. A substance sampling later showed that the substance was gear oil. The container ship left the port again 24 hours later, bound for Southampton. 2008-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 52,581 gt Hyundai Dynasty is owned by Ship Owner Investment Co No 4 care of manager Hyundai Merchant Marine Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea. ISM manager Hyundai Ocean Service Co Ltd of Busan, South Korea. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Hyundai Merchant Marine Co Ltd.

Tug Marina Oceanic (IMO 9532331) allided with the Demerara Harbour Bridge, Georgetown, Guyana shortly after midnight on September 2nd. The tug had apparently drifted from Grove/Diamond on the East Bank Demerara. As a result of the impact the bridge anchorage was loosened and the bridge was shifted out of its alignment. It appeared that the Captain of the tug had attempted to manoeuvre the tug and barge away from the bridge after alliding with the first section and then allided with another section. A car that was crossing the East-West river corridor became stuck immediately after the bridge was misaligned on impact. No one was injured but the vehicle was damaged. The bridge was closed to all traffic and, because of the morning high tide, repair work on the bridge could not start until the afternoon. There were no reports of any damage sustained by the tug or the barge. The bridge was reopened to cars etc during the early evening of September 3rd. 2008-built, Panama-flagged, 297 gt Marina Oceanic is owned and managed by Marina Towage Pte Ltd of Singapore.

A Norwegian rescue helicopter evacuated 16 passengers who were aboard general cargo ship Malmø (IMO 8667579) on September 3rd after the vessel became trapped in the ice at Svalbard southwest of the Hinlopen Strait, north of Norway. Among the passengers was a film team that was documenting climate change, plus several private individuals with an interest in climate issues. They were taken to Longyearbyen and accommodated in local hotels. The ship had left Longyearbyen on August 31st but was caught in the ice on the Hinlopen Strait on September 2nd and drifted towards the shallows of Rønnbeckøyane where it threatened to run aground. The ship’s hull was reinforced, but the engine was not powerful enough to break out of the ice. The captain therefore decided to ask the authorities to evacuate the passengers while the crew of seven remained on board, hoping to free the ship from the ice again. The Norwegian authorities sent a Coastguard ship to assist, but poor visibility and snow showers reduced the visibility down to 200 metres, delaying her arrival. Meanwhile the Malmø was able to get rid of the packed ice, but was still caught in an area. The captain still hoped to reach open water then with own engine.  1943-built, Sweden-flagged, 317 gt Malmo is owned and managed by Origo Rederi AB of Partille, Sweden.