Marine accident round-up : 9th May 2022

The captain of cargo ship Quorn (IMO 9493860) was lost overboard for more than two days, starting May 2nd in the Java Sea, north of Bali island, before being fund by a fishing boat. The ship was en route from Port Hedland to Dung Quat. Turkish national Erhan Seçkal, 40, was discovered by the crew to be missing, and could not be found after a search of the ship. They threw life jackets into the sea and began a search in an area approximately 30 miles north of Bali. Indonesian rescue teams also began a search and alerted other ships in the area. The captain’s wife told the search party that she had last heard from him early on May 2nd, via a text message. However, the bulker was unable to find any signs of the captain and later resumed its voyage. Two and a half days later a fishing boat operating off Bali came across the captain clinging to a piece of wood. They rescued him and brought him to port, where he was treated by doctors at the hospital and released. The captain told the rescue authorities that he had no memory of his fall from the ship. He said he had been checking the stern of the vessel and his next memory was floating in the ocean. Zodiac Maritime said that it was paying the captain’s expenses and providing him a plane ticket for the trip home to Turkey. As of May 3rd the Quorn was on route from Port Hedland, Australia, to Dung Quat, Vietnam.

2010-built, Liberia-flagged, 91,373 gt Quorn is owned by Hermal Marine Inc care of manager Zodiac Maritime Inc of London, UK. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of Hermal Marine Inc.

Chemical/oil products tanker MTM Rio Grande (IMO 9314911) was reported to have been hit by a cluster shell on May 3rd at the port of Nika Tera. The vessel was thought likely to have been hit by indirect fire. It had arrived at the port before the Russian invasion to load a cargo of sunflower oil, but had been stranded there ever since. No AIS since March 29th, when it was at the port of Mykolaiv, Ukraine.

2007-built Singapore-flagged, 29,373 gt MTM Rio Grande is owned by MTM Rio Grande Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is managed by MT Maritime Management USA LLC of Southport, Connecticut, USA. ISM manager is MTM Ship Management PTE of Singapore. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Singapore) on behalf of MTM Ship Management Pte Ltd.

Cargo ship Rix Crystal (IMO 9050125) came into contact with silo constructions at Rethe, Port of Hamburg, during the evening of May 2nd while leaving the dock, bound for Sweden. Both the silo and the ship sustained damage. The vessel also allided with a dolphin. On May 3rd the ship was taken to Kuhwerder Hafen, Hamburg, and as of May 4th remained in Hamburg. The ship was not officially identified but would appear to be the Latvian general cargo ship Rix Crystal. As of May 7th the Rix Crystal was moored at the port of Hamburg.

1993-built, Cyprus-flagged, 2,478 gt Rix Crystal is owned by Rix-C Shipping Ltd care of manager SIA Rix Shipmanagement of Riga, Latvia.

Spain’s Labour and Social Security Inspectorate has agreed with a complaint by the State Coordinator of Port Workers Union CETP in relation to an alleged excess number of hours worked by the crew of bunkering tanker Bunker Breeze (IMO 9824590), which operates a bunkering service in the Bay of Algeciras, Spain, according to reports. It was found that the 16 crew members had worked more than 72 hours in a period of seven days, which exceeded the established legal limit. The resulting total working day may not exceed 14 hours for each 24-hour period, nor 72 hours for each seven-day period. As of May 7th the vessel was at Algeciras Anchorage, southern Spain.

2018-built, Spain-flagged, 3,149 gt Bunker Breeze is owned by Molucas Naviera AIE care of Flota Suardiaz SL of Madrid, Spain. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Suardiaz Energy Shipping SLU.

General cargo ship Wilson Dordrecht (IMO: 9145140) allided with cargo ship Wilson Main (IMO 8913485) during a berthing manoeuvre at Valsneset, Oskvoll, Norway, early on May 2nd, 2022. The Wilson Main was already berthed and the Wilson Dordrecht was coming alongside. During this manoeuvre the Wilson Main suffered some damage to its deck and railings. The ship berthed at the Fosen Yard in Aarhus on May 4th for repairs. The Wilson Dordrecht sustained minor damages and sailed from Valsneset on May 3rd, berthing in Egersund on May 5th. As of May 7th the Wilson Dordrecht was en route from Egersund, Norway, to Kolding, Denmark, ETA May 8th. As of May 7th the Wilson Main was moored at Kvithylla, near Trondheim, Norway.

1996-built, Barbados-flagged, 2,061 gt Wilson Dordrecht is owned by Wilson Shipowning AS care of manager Wilson Eurocarriers AS of Bergen, Norway. ISM manager is Wilson Ship Management AS of Bergen, Norway. It is entered with Skuld (Business unit Skuld Bergen) on behalf of Wilson ASA.

1990-built, Barbados-flagged, 1,690 gt Wilson Main has a similar ownership and management structure to Wilson Dordrecht, and is also entered with Skuld.