Marine accident round-up : 7th December 2018

Passenger/cargo RoRo Euroferry Malta (IMO 9108556) lost power off Corsica on December 4th and drifted 12km off the west coast. She had sailed from Porto-Torres in Sardinia on December 3rd, bound for Genoa with a cargo mainly consisting of vehicles and trailers. There were 25 crewmembers and eight passengers on board. There was no immediate danger as her drift was parallel and slightly divergent from the coast. A specialized team of the French Navy took off in Toulon helicopter to assess the situation. At the same time, tug Abeille Flandre sailed from the port of Marseille. The Maritime Prefecture made contact with the shipowner to take all the necessary measures in case of towing. At 10:20 the crew announced that they had managed to restart the engine. The maritime prefect permitted the ferry to resume her route to Genoa at 11:45, with the Abeille Flandre continuing her way towards the ferry in case of further problems. 1995-built, Malta-flagged, 21,664 gt Euroferry Malta is owned by Malta Motorways of the Sea Ltd of Valletta, Malta. It is managed by Valiant Shipping SA of Athens, Greece. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Malta Motorways of The Sea Ltd.

During container ship MSC Messina’s (IMO 9074042) visit to Gemlik, Turkey, a pollution fine was imposed by the local environmental pollution prevention department on December 3rd because of an alleged breach of local regulationsunder Marpol rules. Leakage of oil was found to be the cause. A fine was paid by agent on behalf of the owners. MSC Messina was allowed to depart after paying the fine and completing the formalities.The vessel remained at Gemlik anchorage as of December 5th. 1995-built, Liberia-flagged, 60,117 gt MSC Messina is owned by Messina Marine Ltd care of manager Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte of Singapore. ISM manager is MSC Shipmanagement Ltd of Limassol, Cyprus. It is entered with UK Club (Area Group London L3) on behalf of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Co SA. Claims leader for H&M is SIAT-Soc Italiana Ass e Rieass SpA, with Gard AS having a subscription position, on behalf of MSC.

Bad weather conditions made it impossible to raise Norwegian Navy frigate Helge Ingstad this week, as had previously been hoped. The Norwegian army estimated that the earliest time for the salvage would now be December 25th. Bad weather, combined with the fact that the crane Gulliver has to leave the site on December 7th because of another commitment in Germany, caused the entire process of raising the frigate to be postponed. Helge Ingstad was back in motion as a result of the bad weather. All dive operations and work at frigate were stopped on December 3rd. The safe securing, fuel discharge, organization and coordination of dive operations, removal of missiles, stretching of retardants and other tasks had been very time-consuming. The Armed Forces warned that the salvage could stretch into the new year.

Tanker WStar (IMO 8529583) (listed on Equasis as “Alpha”) issued a distress signal during the afternoon of December 5th after the Indonesian Captain became unconscious and began foaming at the mouth. The vessel requested immediate medical assistance. At the time the tanker was sailing in a northerly direction west of Pengjia Islet, Taiwan, north of Keelung, in the East China Sea. She had departed Keelung on December 5th. Taiwanese Air Rescue sent a helicopter. However, while airlifting the Captain onto the helicopter, in rough seas and strong winds, two personnel of the emergency team were injured, and one of them later died in hospital. It was understood but not confirmed that the Captain had also died. The ship turned back and headed for Keelung. 1996-built, Mongolia-flagged, 4,118 gt Alpha/WStar is owned and managed by Alpine Marine Pte Ltd of Singapore.

Passenger ship Eurocargo Napoli (IMO 9108568) suffered an engine failure near Tavolara island (Irrelevant Friday factoid – Tavolara is the world’s smallest kingdom, predating the formation of Italy by 25 years and never having been formally annexed), near the north coast of Sardinia, shortly after leaving Olbia for Cagliari on December 4th around noon. The ship reported the failure and asked for anchorage off Golfo Aranci, north of Olbia. Permission was granted and the Port Authority of Olbia ordered the ferry to move to Golfo Aranci and sent two tugs. The ship was towed to the south pier of Golfo Aranci late that evening. The company’s technicians started working to rectify the damage to the engines but on December 5th she remained stationary in port. 1995-built, Italy-flagged, 21,357 gt Eurocargo Napoli is owned and ISM managed by Grimaldi Euromed SpA and managed by Grimaldi Group SpA, both of Naples, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (European division) on behalf of Grimaldi Euromed SpA. It is covered for Hull & Machinery with Norwegian Hull Club, with Gard AS having a subscription position, on behalf of Grimaldi Group SpA.