Marine accident round-up : 4th April 2019

Chemical/oil products tanker Chemical Marketer (IMO 9304291) collided with Swiss river cruise ship Viking Idun on her way from Antwerp to Ghent on the Westerschelde in Terneuzen shortly after midnight on April 1st. The tanker was en route from Iskenderun to Antwerp. The accident happened near buoy 22. Both ships suffered damage above the waterline but there were no leaks. Viking Idun had 171 passengers and 44 crew members on board and was towed to a jetty in Terneuzen. She had suffered considerable damage to her bow. Five passengers were slightly injured, while one slightly injured crew member was taken to hospital. No injuries were reported on board the tanker but the ship suffered several breaches to her hull. 2004-built, Malta-flagged, 8,261 gt Chemical Marketer is owned by Chemical Marketer Shipping Co care of manager Chemship BV of IJssel, Netherlands. ISM manager is Fleet Management Ltd of Hong Kong. It is entered with Skuld (Skuld Oslo 1 unit) on behalf of Chemship BV.

Offshore supply ship Ocean Duke (IMO 9645932) suffered propulsion problems in connection with the ship’s diesel after its departure from Flushing (Vlissingen) for Valetta, Malta, on March 28th and had to divert to Brest, where she berthed during late afternoon on March 29th, The trouble was thought to have been caused by the presence of bacteria. An analysis of the fuel was to be carried out which might result in a drain of its fuel and a new bunkering.

2013-built, Bahamas-flagged, 3,963 gt Ocean Duke is owned by Island Offshore X KS care of manager Island Offshore Management AS of Ulsteinvik, Norway. ISM manager is Vestland Management AS of Torangsvaag, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of Island Offshore X KS

Two crew members died in a fire which broke out in the superstructure of cargo ship Shengtai (IMO 9169304) off the Yangtze River in the Zhejiang Province during the morning of April 1st. The ship was en route from Nantong to Ulsan. The Shanghai Maritime Rescue Centre received an alert that a fire had started in the crew’s living quarters. Four rescue boats, including a tug, were dispatched to the area. The ship had 17 crew members on board. During the incident, two of them lost consciousness while the rest evacuated to the main deck. The two crew members who lost consciousness were confirmed dead, while the rest were moved onto a rescue ship. The cause of the accident was under investigation. 1997-built, China-flagged, 4,048 gt Sheng Tai is owned by China Yangtze River Shipping Co of Shanghai, China. It is managed by Shanghai Changjiang Shipping of Shanghai. ISM manager is Shanghai CSC line of Shanghai, China. It is entered with West of England (Claims contact Hong Kong) on behalf of Shanghai Changjiang Shipping Co.

A fire broke out on board fishing boat Belle Carnell (IMO 9307114) during the early evening of April 1st while she was tied up on the south side of St John’s harbour. The vessel was evacuated and the fire brigade was called. Firefighters quickly located the source of the smoke as a motor in one of the ship’s ventilation systems. That system carried the smoke throughout the vessel. Firefighters quickly dealt with the problem and the crew was allowed to return on board. The vessel had been in port since March 18th. 2004-built, Canada-flagged, 4,338 gt Belle Carnell is owned by CS Manpar Inc care of manager Clearwater Seafoods Ltd Partnership of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Clearwater Seafoods Ltd Partnership.

High-speed ferry Vetlefjord (IMO 9264348) suffered a fouling of its propulsion by a rope in the propeller on April 1st and had to cancel sailings between Dyrøy, Mausundvær and Sula until further notice. An NSSR-lifeboat had towed the ferry to port. The damage was to be fixed in a yard and a replacement ferry inserted.  2003-built, Norway-flagged, 142 gt Vetlefjord is owned and managed by Fosennamsos AS of Trondheim, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I (Bermuda) on behalf of FosenNamsos Sjø AS