Marine accident round-up : 30th November 2020

Chemical/oil products tanker Sukran C (IMO 9280196) suffered a fire on board on November 23rd. It was extinguished by the crew, but it was reported that the tanker was disabled and in need of towage. The owner decided on November 25th to contract Russian salvage SAR salvage ship Spasatel Demidov (IMO 9681443), to tow the tanker to Coruna, Spain. for repairs. The choice of a Russian salvor was picked up by Spanish media, which expressed some concerns at the owner’s delay of several days in deciding to contract a salvor and then at the decision to choose a Russian vessel rather than nearer-to-hand Spanish salvors. The tanker had been a considerable distance from the Spanish coast when the incident happened and was not in Spanish waters A Spanish SAR ship, the Sar Gavia, was reported to be escorting the caravan to Coruna, which led to some concern that Spain would bill the owner (and ultimately therefore the insurer) for the Sar Gavia service. On November 28th the caravan was stopped north of Coruna, with the port tug approaching the tanker and the Sar Gavia nearby. By Saturday afternoon the vessel was reported as moored at Punta Langosteira. The Sukran C was understood to have been en route from Kiel to Turkey, with cargo of ethanol.

2004-built, Panama-flagged, 2,798 gt Sukran-C is owned by Grateful Shipping Corp Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. It is managed by Selay Denizcilik Nakliyat of Istanbul, Turkey. ISM manager is Leli Shipping Corp Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of Grateful Shipping Corp.

2015-built, Russia-flagged, 2,532 gt Spasatel Demidov is owned and managed by the Russian government Marine Rescue Service.

Chemical/Oil Products Tanker Northsea Rational (IMO 9334296) came into contact with the embankment in Neumuelen, Hamburg, during the morning of November 25th while in load as it was manoeuvring to berth. The tanker sustained serious damage to the starboard bow. The cause of the accident was not yet known. It was berthed after accident, and as of evening November 28th remained moored in Hamburg. There was no hull breach in cargo tanks area and no cargo loss was reported.

2006-built, Malta-flagged, 3,991 gt Northsea Rational is owned by North Sea Chemicals AS on behalf of manager North Sea Tankers BV. ISM manager is Miklagard S Gemi Isletmeciligi of Istanbul, Turkey. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo 2).

Landing craft Lady Athena (IMO 8672366) sank on November 25th off Cambari Islands in Araceli waters, Palawan, Philippines, Sulu sea after being caught in stormy weather. Although of the 15 crew were rescued, two, the master and chief engineer, were missing. The ship was reported to have developed a list before capsizing and sinking. The Titan of the Philippine Coast Guard rescued the 15 crew members. They were brought to the Coast Guard Sub-Station in Araceli, Palawan. An SAR operation for the two missing crew was called off on November 26th due to unfavourable weather conditions, but resumed on November 27th after the weather improved. Remnants of the vessel washed ashore on the rocky shoreline of the northeast part of Cutad Island on November 27th.

2012-built, Philippines-flagged, 893 gt Lady Athena is owned and managed by Kargamine Too Inc of Batangas, Philippines.

Container ship KMTC Surabaya (IMO 9821081) ran aground in Belitung islands waters, Indonesia, northern Java Sea shortly after midnight on November 27th, while en route from Jakarta to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The vessel was understood to remain hard aground as of November 28th.

2018-built, Panama-flagged, 28,736 gt KMTC Surabaya is owned by Nikko Kisen/Sun Lanes care of Nissen Kaiun KK of Hakata-cho, Imabari-shi, Ehime-ken, Japan. It is managed by Korea Marine Transport Co Ltd of Seoul, South Korea. ISM manager is Seoyang Shipping Co Ltd of Busan, South Korea. It is entered with Britannia on behalf of Sun Lanes Shipping S.A. and Nikko Kisen Co, Ltd.

Laid-up drilling rig Olinda Star (IMO 8754059) was reported as drifting in the Bay of Bengal, about 40 nm south of Kakinada, India. It was suspected that the rig broke off its anchors during that passage of Cyclone Nivar. There were not reported to be any people on board. The AIS, which had been on since early