Marine accident round-up : 27th January 2023

General cargo ship Peak Skorpo (IMO 9190353) was reported to have run aground whilst navigating the Nakskov Fjord, Denmark on January 23rd. Claims company WK Webster understood that the local Authorities were controlling the response to this casualty. As of January 26th the vessel was underway again, travelling from Kaksov, Denmark (departed January 25th) to Gdansk, Poland (ETA January 26th).

1999-built, Norway-flagged, 2,999 gt Peak Skorpo is owned by Peak Skorpo BV care of manager Fonnes Shipping AS of Fonnes, Norway. ISM manager is Norwegian Fjord BV of Groningen, Netherlands. It is entered with Gard P&I on behalf of Peak Skorp BV. Gard AS is claims leader for Hull and Loss of Hire, on behalf of Peak Group AS.

Oil products tanker Torm Signe (IMO 9290957) temporarily ran aground in Western Scheldt upstream from Terneuzen, Netherlands at around 21:40 local time on January 25th. It was proceeding downstream towards the sea at the time. The vessel was refloated by Multraship tugs within about an hour. There were no reports of damage and the cause of grounding was not yet known. The tanker was en route from Antwerp, Belgium to Lagos, Nigeria.

2005-built, Singapore-flagged, 41,551 gt Torm Signe is owned by Torm Singapore Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is managed by Torm AS of Hellerup, Denmark. It is entered with Skuld (Business unit Skuld Copenhagen) on behalf of Torm Singapore Pte Ltd. As of January 26th the vessel was at anchor off the port of Everingen, Netherlands, where it arrived from Antwerp on January 26th.

Further details have emerged of the missile attack on the Ukrainian city of Kherson. As reported yesterday in IMN, cargo ship Tuzla (IMO 7920364) was hit, with the date of the strike now being established as January 24th.The Tuzla has been anchored at Kherson since February 24th 2022. Its bridge was reported to have been burned out as a result of the attack. Also reported hit was cargo ship Ferahnaz (IMO 9071636).It too had been in the port for about a year.

1980-built, Vanuatu-flagged, 2,485 gt Tuzla is owned and managed by Cayeli Shipping Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. No AIS since April 25th 2022, when the vessel was at anchor in Kherson.

1995-built, Vanuatu-flagged, 2,995 gt Ferahnaz is owned by Blueway Shipping Inc care of manager Cakiroglu Deniz Tasima Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. Last AIS from January 20th, when the vessel was moored in Kherson.

General cargo ship Gullaas (IMO 8700993) was reported to have contacted bottom and suffered rudder damage early in the morning of January 25th in Buefjorden between Askvoll and Solund in Vestland, Norway. The ship anchored and asked for assistance. It was taken on tow by a Norwegian Coast Guard patrol ship at around 10:00 local time, apparently to the nearest port with repair facilities. The vessel was is en route from Bergen to Ulsteinvik.

1987-built, Norway-flagged, 1,167 gt Gullaas is owned and ISM-managed by Gull Sailor AS of Ottersoy, Norway. Ship manager is Aasen Shipping AS of Mosterhamm, Norway. As of January 26th it was moored at Solund Verft, Norway, where it arrived on January 25th.