Marine accident round-up : 24th February 2022

A pilot fell into the water during the morning of February 21st in the port of Taichung while boarding box ship Blue Ocean (IMO 8813611). He was scheduled to take the ship to its berth upon its arrival from Shanghai. The pilot was recovered unconscious about 40 minutes after the fall (the delay in rescuing him was a result of poor weather conditions) and was taken to hospital, but his life could not be saved. The pilot was 58 years old and had eight years’ pilot experience. The ship left Taichung again on February 22nd, headed once again for Shanghai again. As of February 22nd it was en route to Shanghai, ETA February 25th.

1989-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 9,949 gt Blue Ocean is owned by Blue Ocean Shipping care of manager Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping Group Co Ltd of Shanghai, China. It is entered with West of England (Claims Team Hong Kong) on behalf of Super Trophy Shipping.

After cargo ship Xiang Fu (IMO 9129029) which had been berthed at the pier 44 of Taichung port, Taiwan, broke loose from its mooring ropes on February 20th due to strong winds it allided with the stern of cargo ship OSG Admiral (IMO 9131022), which was berthed at the pier 45 (see yesterday’s IMN Round-up). The Xiang Fu then ran aground in the port. It was refloated with the high tide and the help of three tugs and then re-berthed at pier 44 about 90 minutes after the incident. The port authority inspected the two vessels during the morning of February 21st. The OSG Admiral sailed that afternoon for Shan Tou with an ETA of February 25th, while the Xiang Fu was still berthed and discharging cargo. The starboard side bulbous bow of the Xiang Fu and the starboard stern of the OSG Admiral suffered damage.

1997-built, Panama-flagged, 27,792 gt Xiang Fu is owned by Xiang Fu Shipping Co Ltd care of manager Shanghai Vasteast International Shipping Management Co Ltd of Shanghai, China. It is entered with West of England (Claims Team Hong Kong) on behalf of Xiang Fu Shipping Co Ltd.

1997-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 7,197 gt OSG Admiral is owned by Sinotec Maritime Ltd care of manager Shanghai Anrita Shipping Co of Shanghai, China. It is entered with West of England (Claims Team Hong Kong) on behalf of Sinotec Maritime.

General cargo ship Aleksandr Ivanov (IMO 9927081) was intercepted and detained by a Libyan National Army patrol vessel about 14nm northeast of Ras el Hilal around dawn on February 19th. The vessel was detained for breaching the LNA ‘No Sail Zone’ and was escorted to the Ras el Hilal anchorage for administrative procedures. The vessel had been proceeding from Abu Qir, Egypt, to Foynes, Ireland. As of February 23rd the vessel was in the Ionian Sea, with an ETA at Foynes of March 5th.

2021-built, Russia-flagged, 6,305 gt Aleksandr Ivanov is owned and managed by SC Astroll LLC of Moscow, Russia. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of JSC “GTLK”.

A crew member of passenger/vehicle RoRo Finnfellow (IMO 9145164) collapsed in the engine room while the ship was sailing near Lübeck on Germany’s Baltic coast, and needed to be resuscitated. A lifeboat was called from the DGzRS station Travemünde with an emergency physician on board, supported by a second lifeboat. The crew of the Finnfellow provided first aid under remote guidance from the physician. A helicopter from Northern Helicopter GmbH transported the man to hospital.

2000-built, Finland-flagged, 33,274 gt Finnfellow is owned by Finnlines plc of Helsinki, Finland. It is managed by Finnlines Ship management AB of Malmo, Sweden. It is entered with Standard Club (European Division) on behalf of Finnlines plc.