Marine accident round-up : 22nd June 2021

Hamburg Sud’s 10,500 teu container ship Cap San Antonio (IMO 9622241) struck a passenger jetty at Santos in Brazil on Sunday June 20th. The ship, which was en route to Paranagua, took out suffered a breach in its portside hull with some ballast water observed to be seeping out. The ship was taken to an outer anchorage to await repairs, where, as of June 21st, it remained.

2014-built, Denmark-flagged, 118,938 gt Cap San Antonio is owned and managed by Maersk AS of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is entered with North of England on behalf of Maersk AS.

Container ship AS Rosalia (IMO 9449845) was reported as having collided with a fishing boat under Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Istanbul, Bosphorus, during the afternoon of June 17th while transiting the Strait in a northern direction, en route from Istanbul to Constanta, Romania. The fishing boat sank and, of 33 fishermen on board, one was reported to have died and two to have been injured. Another report claimed that two fishermen had died. The ship completed its transit and was anchored at outer Istanbul anchorage, Black sea. The sunk Turkish fishing boat was named as the Erkenoğlu. The half-submerged wreck was secured and taken to the Poyraz Port.  As of June 20th it remained at anchor at Bosphorus N Anchorage.

2009-built, Portugal-flagged, 17,068 gt AS Rosalia is owned by AS Rosalia Opco BV care of manager Contchart BV of Rhoon, Netherlands. ISM manager is Wilhelmsen Ahrenkiel Shipping of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of AS Rosalia OpCo BV.,ap20T8L84kS3HHEzGfGOTw

Humanitarian rescue organizations have claimed that offshore tug/supply ship Vos Triton (IMO 9585766) handed over to the Libyan Coast Guard migrants the vessel had rescued from a drifting boa on June 14th. An observation plane operated by Sea-Watch was monitoring a small wooden boat from which several migrants jumped overboard and started swimming in open waters towards the Vos Triton. The NGO said that the crew of the Vos Triton originally refused to render assistance to the more than 180 people onboard the small wooden boat which the NGO claimed had been adrift for some time because the engine was broken. After some people reached the Vos Triton, the vessel complied with international regulations, rescuing the wooden boat and taking all people on board. A Libyan Coast Guard vessel then reportedly went alongside the Vos Triton for the handover of the migrants to the Libyans for return to Tripoli. The NGOs claimed that, since the rescue had taken place in international waters, this would be an illegal pushback. As of June 21st the vessel was moored in the port of Zarzis, Tunisia.

2011-built, Gibraltar-flagged, 1,678 gt Vos Triton is owned by Offshore Support Vessels II BV care of manager Vroon Offshore Services Ltd of Aberdeen, UK. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of Offshore Support Vessels II BV.

Report with photo:

General cargo ship Hong Fu (IMO 9651096) allided with a berth while arriving at the port of Shimizu during the morning of June 16th. No damage to the hull was reported, but the berth and a car stopper suffered some damage. As of June 21st the vessel was at anchorage at Kawasaki.

2012-built, Panama-flagged, 1,971 gt Hong Fu is owned by Eastern Wealth Shipping Ltd care of Sino Far East Management Co Ltd of Shandong, China. ISM manager is Hongxin Shipmanagement Ltd of Shanghai, China.

Two accidents involving three ships were reported at Kartal, Tuzla, Turkey on June 16th. Both were caused by strong winds in stormy conditions. General cargo ship April (IMO 9013024), which could have been in lay-up, or possibly in for repairs, dragged anchor and started to drift towards shore. Tugs took the ship under control just in time to avoid grounding. Meanwhile Turkish roro ferry Hasan Şişik (IMO 7811446), also referred to as the Kale Nakliyat 3, possibly in lay-up or decommissioned, broke from its moorings and drifted onto berthed general cargo ship Boras (IMO 8202953) – which reportedly had been decommissioned. The Hasan Sisik was possibly taken back to its berth or to anchorage. The situation remained confused, but no severe damage to any ship or injuries were reported.

1991-built, Panama-flagged, 1,247 gt April is owned by April Shipping Co care of Eksen Ship Chartering & Transportation Co Ltd of Istanbul, Turkey. As of June 19th was at Tuzla Anchorage.

1979-built, Turkey-flagged Passenger-vehicle Roro, 3,714 gt Hasan Şişik is owned and managed by Enhas Ro Ro Deniz Tasimaciligi of Istanbul, Turkey.

1984-built, Turkey-flagged, 3,726 gt Boras is owned by Irem Denizcilik AS of Istanbul, Turkey. It is managed by Mete Kardesler Deniz Tas AS of the same address in Istanbul, Turkey.