Marine accident round-up : 14th January

Passenger/Cargo RoRo Proteus (IMO 7350416) grounded on the rocks of the small island Daskalonisi off Skiathos island, shortly after leaving the port of Skiathos during the afternoon of January 5th, having travelled from Volos, Greece. There were 45 passengers, six vehicles and 26 crew members on board the ferry which was en route to Skopelos. The incident was reported to be the result of rudder damage. The passengers were taken off over the stern ramp before being transferred back safely to Skiathos by a patrol boat and the Kalypho. Tug Christos XXIX was sent to Skiathos to refloat the ship, but as of January 6th she remained stuck.

1973-built, Greece-flagged, 2,545 gt Proteus is owned and managed by Anes of Symi Island, Greece.

Passenger ship Driade (IMO 7717303) went adrift in the port of the island of Ischia, Italy, around dawn on January 6th. There were strong winds in the Gulf of Naples at the time. The vessel was unable to leave, while remaining dangerously adrift and moving towards the Redentore Pier. There was only a slight impact on the quay. There were 20 passengers and six cars on board. After about an hour the ship was secured with large cables and anchored at the docks. The passengers were then disembarked. After checks of the instruments on board were carried out by the Coast Guard, without revealing any failures, the ship left for Pozzuoli at 11:30.

1980-built, Italy-flagged, 1,397 gt Driade is owned and managed by Caremar of Naples, Italy. It is entered with Standard Club (European division) on behalf of Campania Regionale Marittima SpA.

Cargo ship Folla 2 (IMO 8112574) suffered a rudder failure during the evening of January 8th and lost control off Lille-Molla, Norway, in the municipality of Vågan in the West Fjord, while en route to Svolvær. The JRCC North Norway mobilized two NSSR lifeboats. The ship was adrift in strong wind speeds. Later in the evening the situation was brought under control after the rudder could be centred. The Sundt Flyer had arrived on scene and took the ship in tow. Patrol boat Nordkapp arrived an hour later and escorted the convoy to Lødingen. The Folla 2, which had sailed from Bodø on January 8th, was safely berthed in Lødingen early on January 9th.

1982-built, Norway-flagged, 977 gt Folla 2 is owned and managed by NTS Shipping AS of Kolvereid, Norway. It is entered with Gard P&I Club on behalf of NTS Shipping AS.

General Cargo ship Francesca (IMO 9113214) broke loose from its moorings in the port of Hafnarfjordur, southwest Iceland, early on January 8th and went adrift. She had a crew of 11 on board. Patrol boat Týr was alerted, as were tugs Magni and Hamar. There were westerly winds of 55 to 60 knots and a considerable swell. The Týr followed the Magni to Hafnarfjordur and assisted in the transfer of mooring lines to the cargo ship from the port tugs. Finally, about 12 hours later, the Magni and Hamar pulled the ship back to the dock and tied it up.

1997-built, Netherlands-flagged, 4,015 gt Francisca is owned by Francisca BV care of manager Longship BV of Groningen, Netherlands. ISM manager is Universal Shipping And Trading of IJssel, Netherlands. It is entered with North of England Club on behalf of NNPC.

Tunisian civil Protection, National Guard and Customs Guard units evacuated the crew of cargo ship Hamada S (IMO 7946643) on January 7th. The vessel had been grounded on the coast of Bizerte, Tunisia, since December 11th 2019. The 10-man crew consisted of two Syrians, two Egyptians and six Indians. The decision to take them off was made for humanitarian reasons because they no longer had enough provisions on board. They were expected to be repatriated soon. 1977-built, Togo-flagged, 1,561 gt Hamada S is owned and managed by Satoss Shipping Ltd of Mersin, Turkey.

General cargo ship New Leo (IMO 9113044) suffered a cargo shift following an engine failure between Skyros and Lesvos, Greece on December 4th. She was towed to Psara Island anchorage on December 6th and taken to a Perama shipyard in Ampelakia on December 13th. A damage survey was carried out by Bureau Veritas surveyors. Subsequently the class status was suspended until the completion of permanent repairs. 1997-built, Liberia-flagged, 3,893 gt New Leo is owned by New Leo Ltd care of manager SC Prestige Ltd of Odessa, Ukraine. It is entered with Skuld (Business Unit Skuld Oslo 1) on behalf of MB Shipping Ltd.

Ecuadorian authorities discovered eighty-eight parcels of cocaine on board containership Sealand Los Angeles (IMO 9383235) in Puerto Bolivar. The shipment was hidden in four black suitcases in a container aboard the 2,546 teu vessel. The Liberia-flagged ship arrived at Puerto Bolivar from Guayaquil and was en route to Balboa, Panama. The Ecuadorian Navy said that authorities received a tip-off that one of the vessel’s containers contained cocaine. Once the ship docked at Yilport Puerto Bolivar, the authorities conducted a search and found the drugs. 2008-built, Liberia-flagged, 26,435 gt Sealand Los Angeles, previously known as Westwood Robson, is owned by SinOceanic Shipping care of manager Zeaborn Ship Management of Hamburg, Germany. It is entered with Swedish Club.