Marine accident round-up : 12th August 2020

A Sandy Hook Pilots Association captain died from injuries suffered during a boarding accident on Wednesday August 5th. Captain Timothy Murray was reported to have fallen from a pilot ladder at about 22:30 while boarding a tanker inbound to the Port of New York & New Jersey, the pilots association said. Murray was evacuated to a local hospital, where he died from the injuries.

The US Coast Guard is investigating the incident. Murray had been piloting vessels in and out of the Port of New York & New Jersey for more than eight years. Murray is the second Sandy Hook pilot to be killed on the job within less than a year. On December 30th 2019 Captain Dennis R Sherwood died after falling from an accommodation ladder while boarding a containership inbound to the Port of New York & New Jersey.

Half of the 22 crew members of cargo ship Patra (IMO 9607801) tested positive for Covid-19 virus after arriving at Yuzhniy on Aug 8, 2020. The ship, which had travelled from Alexandria, was moored at the outer anchorage and the crew underwent medical screening after several reported flu-like symptoms. The ship has been moved to port and berthed at a quarantine pier with all crew on board. The 11 positive tested crew may be hospitalized. The whole crew was to be exchanged and the ship to be disinfected. 2012-built, Greece-flagged, 42,713 gt Patra is owned by Patra Maritime Corp care of manager Chronos Shipping Co of Piraeus, Greece. It is entered with UK Club on behalf of Patra Maritime Corp.

Cargo ship Pluto (IMO 9432531) hit the stern of bulk carrier Budava (IMO 9693501) in Port Harcourt on August 6th during a berthing manoeuvre. She had been berthed in port since July 27th and suffered hull breaches and gashes at the starboard bow area. Some of the fore mooring lines broke.

2014-built, Liberia-flagged, 19,785 gt Pluto is owned by Lamda Shipholding Ltd care of manager Blumenthal Asia Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is entered with Skuld (Business unit Skuld Hamburg) on behalf of Blumenthal Aia Pte Ltd.

2014-built, Montenegro-flagged, 24,288 gt Budva is owned and managed by Barska Plovidba AD of Bar, Montenegro. It is entered with London Club on behalf of Barska Plovidba AD Bar.


A fire broke out aboard fish carrier Ocean Aquila (IMO 9245926) during the afternoon of August 9th. Emergency services were called to the ship’s position, east of Burra Isle, Shetlands. The fire was swiftly brought under control and all crew members were safe and well. Shetland’s Coastguard Rescue Helicopter had spotted the fire while on a training exercise. The helicopter stayed overhead for some time to monitor the situation. The ship was towed into the port of Scalloway in the evening.

2001-built, UK-flagged, 497 gt Ocean Aquila is owned and managed by Ocean Farm Services of Shetland, UK. It is entered with Meco Group’s Carina P&I.