Marine accident round-up : 11th January 2021

Cargo ship A2B Energy (IMO 9183427) suffered a leak in its fuel line during the morning of January 7th when it was four miles from the Tynemouth North Pier, UK, while en route from Teesport to Blyth. There were 12 crew members on board. The crew fixed the leak and within half an hour the ship was once again underway. It berthed in Blyth at 11:00 local time and left the port towards Moerdijk at 17:20, with an ETA of January 8th.

1998-built, Netherlands-flagged, 3,999 gt A2B Energy is owned by A2B-Online 3 BV care of A2B-Online Ship Management of Moerdijk, Netherlands. It is entered with Standard Club (London Class) on behalf of Noord Nederlandsche P & I Club.

The owner of sunken vessel Emmy Rose, Boat Aaron & Melissa, Inc, has said that it should not be liable for the loss. Portland, Oregon, based Emmy Rose sank in November 2020, with the loss of four crew members’ lives. According to a new limitation action in federal court, a lawyer for Boat Aaron & Melissa, Inc asked the court to exonerate or limit the company’s liability. “The loss of the Vessel and any and all deaths, injuries, damages, and losses claimed to have resulted therefrom, were not caused or contributed to by any breach of applicable statutes or regulations, or any unseaworthiness, fault, neglect, or lack of reasonable care by or on the part of the Vessel or Boat Aaron & Melissa, Inc”, the lawyer said. In a new court filing, families for at least two of the men who died have said that claims would be filed, but the company’s lawyer said that Boat Aaron & Melissa, Inc wasn’t liable for the deaths of the four crew members. “Or, alternatively, any breach of applicable statutes or regulations, or any unseaworthiness, fault, neglect, or lack of reasonable care by or on the part of the Vessel or Boat Aaron & Melissa, Inc that might have contributed to any and all alleged deaths, injuries, damages, and losses were occasioned and incurred without the privity or knowledge of BAM and/or were occasioned and incurred due to the fault of third-parties for which BAM was not responsible”. Another company had chartered the Emmy Rose from Boat Aaron & Melissa, Inc.

Bulk carrier Great Link (IMO 9738519) ran aground at KM51 in the Suez Canal before dawn on January 7th. The vessel was en route from Port Kamsar in a south bound convoy, Bulk carrier Jin Zhou Hai (IMO 9546083) which was sailing behind the vessel, allided with dredger Mashhour, which was working in the area, as a result. The Great Link moored on the Suez South Anchorage early on January 8th.

2016-built, Hong Kong-flagged, 36,249 gt Great Link is owned by Dragon Rich Shipping Ltd care of manager Sinotrans Ship Management of Hong Kong. It is entered with Swedish Club (Asia Team) on behalf of Dragon Rich Shipping Ltd.

2009-built, Panama-flagged, 33,044 gt Jin Zhou Hai is owned by Jinzhouhai Shipping Inc care of manager COSCO Shipping Bulk Co Ltd of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. It is entered with West of England on behalf of Jinzhouhai Shipping Inc.

During the night of January 7th a fire broke out in the cargo compartment of livestock carrier Bashar One Transport (IMO 8506361) while it was docked at the Tuzla repair yard in Turkey. It had been there for maintenance since December 25th. The fire was extinguished by firefighters. One crew was injured and had to be taken to hospital for treatment. The extent of damages was not yet known. 1986-built, Panama-flagged, 18,341 gt Bashar One Transport is owned by unknown parties.