Marine accident round-up : 11th January 2019

Passenger/cargo RoRo Europalink (IMO 9319454) allided with the Scandinavia Quay in Travemünde before dawn on January 8th upon its arrival from Malmö and was damaged. After executing a turning manoeuvre on the Trave, the ship backed to her berth, but then hit it, suffering a breach of 80 x 40cm two metres above the waterline, on the port side at the stern, in the ballast tank area. The quay suffered slight damage. The ferry was unloaded and then detained until repairs could be carried out. The route Travemünde-Malmö was served by the Finnartner and the Finntrader as replacements. Repairs were scheduled to take place overnight. Marine police Travemünde launched an investigation which appeared to conclude that the master misjudged the speed of his ship and could not stop in time. 2007-built, Sweden-flagged, 46,124 gt Europalink is owned by Nordo-Link AB of Malmo, Sweden. It is managed by Finnlines Ship Management AB of Malmo, Sweden. It is entered with Standard Club (European Division) on behalf of Rederi AB Nordö-Link.

Strong winds at the accident site of Norwegian navy frigate Helge Ingstad have once again caused the postponement of salvage works, which are now unlikely to take place before the second half of January at the earliest. On January 7th crane ship Rambiz had to leave the scene because of strong winds and high swells. On January 8th the diving vessels departed. Salvage work has also been hit by technical challenges as the chains which were to be placed under the hull for it to be lifted up have proved very difficult to place.

Taipei’s RCC stopped its SAR operation for the missing 10 crew members of general cargo ship London (IMO 9218698) on January 6th. All but one of the 15 crew members were from Myanmar. London issued a distress message early on January 2nd after the ship capsized some 80 nm northeast of Pengjia islet, a small island NE of the northernmost tip of Taiwan. She subsequently sank. About 12 hours after the vessel sank, two Myanmarese crew members were rescued by a South Korean fishing boat, while two others were rescued and one body found by a Chinese fishing boat. The remaining 10 were still missing. The London had left Kaohsiung on December 126th en route to Busan, with a stop scheduled at Taichung from December 28th for two days for refueling.

2000-built, Palau-flagged, 2,216 gt London is owned and managed by Central Rise Ltd of Seychelles. ISM manager is Fairwind Navigation of Taiwan.

Indonesian authorities have found no trace of missing tanker Namse Bangozod (IMO 9078517). Her AIS track disappeared after some hectic deviations on January 7th. According to the AIS track she was already on Jakarta anchorage, except that she wasn’t. The tanker was declared by the Indonesian Maritime Authorities to have been missing since December 28th. The ship loaded with palm oil and with an 11-man crew, had left Sampit, southern Kalimantan, bound for Jakarta, and the last contact with the vessel was on December 28th. The ship’s AIS then mysteriously re-emerged on January 6th. It was not ruled out that the tanker might have been hijacked. 1993-built, Indonesia-flagged, 1,128 gt Namse Bangdzod is owned and managed by Petronusa Niaga Energy PT of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Tanker Ocean Princess (IMO 8601496), which ran aground on a coral reef in the waters off Alor in East Nusa Tenggara on December 28th while en route to Singapore, has no permit to leave the Alor archipelago until the investigation about the damage incurred to the reef has been completed, the local authorities have said. Negotiations reportedly will be commenced with the ship’s owner regarding a settlement. The captain and crew members reportedly remained on board the grounded vessel. The tanker had 18 crew members on board at the time of the grounding, about 58 miles from Atapupu. Once she is salvaged the vessel will be towed towards Dulionong for investigations. 1985-built, Cook-Islands-flagged (reported by Equasis as Dominica-flagged) 2,393 gt Ocean Princess is owned by Xin Ying Shipping Pte Ltd care of Ocean Tankers Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is managed by Daichi Shipmanagement Pte Ltd of Singapore. It is entered with Shipowners’ Club on behalf of Daichi Shipmanagement Pte Ltd.

Passenger ship Sabuk Nusandtara 39 (IMO 9712802) which drifted ashore in Palu on September 29th last year due to tsunami triggered by a 7.5 magnitude quake is being returned to the water. Salvage workers installed airbags under the ship on January 7th. The shipping company was waiting for a permit from the Indonesian Sea and Coast Guard to continue with its salvage operation. Initial inspections have showed that the vessel did not suffer damage by being pushed some 70 metres back onto land, but she will be examined more thoroughly at the shipyard. 2014-built, Indonesia-flagged, 1,202 gt Sabuk Nusantara 39 is owned and managed by Indonesian Govt Min Sea Comms of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Fuel and lubricating oil removal from cargo ship Natalia (IMO 8203622) wrecked at Şile, Istanbul, at the north end of the Bosphorus Strait, was continuing on January 6th, with weather at the scene still a threat. Divers made an underwater inspection and further digital camera records in order to ascertain the extent of damages to the bottom section. A surveyor panel and salvage expert carried out detailed further internal inspection. A salvage plan was yet to be prepared, due to ongoing formalities and legal permission in the area. The Natalia was loaded with 3,000 tons of bulk soda and was en route from the Crimea to Ambarli when she suffered an engine failure and went adrift two miles off Riva Sahilköy in a severe storm early on December 19th. Upon entering the Bosphorus, Natalia was caught in extreme weather conditions and struggled for seven hours with the engine malfunction. Tugs were deployed to assist though the captain from Azerbaijan did not request help. The ship drifted. After the engine was started again, it moved towards the entrance of the Bosphorus and anchored half a kilometre offshore. However, worsening weather conditions caused the anchor to drag and the vessel grounded in the Karaburun area at a water depth of 6.5 metres. 1983-built, Comoros-flagged, 5,966 gt Natalia is owned and managed by ECA Ship Trade Co of Istanbul, Turkey.