Marine accident round-up : 11th April 2018

The crew of dredger Trofa (IMO 6604573) noticed smoke coming from the tiller compartment during the morning of April 2nd. The master of the vessel decided to return to berth 220 at Sevastopol. The cause was discovered to be smoke emanating from a failure of the motor of the steering. The dredger was detained by the port authority until repairs were completed and a maintenance certificate issued. As of April 10th she was still reported as moored in Sevastopol. 1966-built, Ukraine-flagged, 999 gt Trofa is owned and managed by Yugecoresurs Ltd of Sevastopol, Krym, Ukraine.

High-speed passenger ship Eldorado (IMO 9194256) was in collision with an unidentified object in the Japan Sea during the evening of March 31st. There were 403 passengers on board, en route from Dokdo to Ulleundo island. The ferry was sailing at a speed of 28 knots when the hull was breached with ensuing water ingress in the engine room area. The water ingress was brought under control by the crew with the vessel’s pumps. The ferry managed to reach Ulleungdo at reduced speed but under own power, escorted by a Korean patrol boat. No injuries reported.

1999-built, South Korea-flagged, 668 gt Eldorado is owned and managed by Daezer Shipping Co Ltd of Pohang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.

Offshore supply ship De Jing (IMO 9765421), owned by Shanghai Salvage Company, arrived at Noumea on March 28th to remove the wreck of the Kea Trader (IMO 9701281), having been chosen for the task early in March. She left Wenzhou, about 450km from Shanghai, on March 6th, and will be used in particular in the recovery of the remaining containers aboard the wreck. Shanghai Salvage Company does not intend to dismantle Kea Trader on the spot, but to secure the two pieces of hull and then to transport them to China. It has been established with certainty that no container carrying dangerous substances was lost at sea following the passage of Hola cyclone.

Container ship Puelo (IMO 9306172) reported an inflammable fluid leak from one of the recently loaded 20ft containers on board being berthed at the Shanghai Shengdong International Container Terminal Ltd. in the Yangshan Deep Water port, Shanghai, during the morning of March 28th. The crew spotted the leak, alerted the authorities and drained the spilled fluid with sponge and rags. Cyclohexane was apparently leaking through faulty valve at 40 litres per hour. An emergency response team dealt with the leak and the damaged container, which was offloaded. 2006-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 73,934 gt Puelo is owned by Eluk Shipping Co Inc care of manager Unitized Ocean Transport Ltd of Athens, Greece. It is entered with Standard Club (Mediterranean & Middle East Division) on behalf of Eluk Shipping Co Ltd.

Bulk carrier Philadelphia (IMO 9588495) suffered a fire on board in three separate areas on March 24th, while en route from Ponta da Madeira to Qingdao, carrying a cargo of iron ore,. Two vessels proceeded to the scene to assist but the crew members were able to extinguish the fire themselves. However, one crewman jumped overboard and, despite an 11-hour search, was lost. The vessel has continued its voyage. 2012-built, Marshall Islands-flagged, 106,847 gt Philadelphia is owned by Namu Shipping Co Inc care of manager Diana Shipping Services SA of Athens, Greece. It is entered with UK P&I Club (Area Group London L2) on behalf of Namu Shipping Co Inc.

The volunteer crew of the Mumbles lifeboat was called to the aid of the general cargo ship Celtica Hav (IMO 8422022) which, having arrived from Liepaja, was taking on water and started to list to starboard side upon entering the channel in the River Neath during the night of March 27th. The captain engaged emergency procedures and managed to get all bilge pumps running to stem the ingress of water. A lifeboat was launched and stood by to provide safety cover while the ship was surveyed to determine the extent of the damage. The seven-man ship was loaded with anthracite coal and had 20 tons of fuel oil on board. Following a survey the vessel was escorted back to Swansea docks where it was safely berthed around dawn on March 28th, permitting the Mumbles lifeboat to return to station. 1984-built, Bahamas-flagged, 1,537 gt Celtica Hav is owned by Hav Bulk AS of Raadal, Norway, and managed by Hav Ship Management of Kaliningrad, Russia. It is entered with Gard P&I Club (Bermuda) on behalf of Hav Bulk AS