IUMI to deliver new statistics summary

The International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI) is to bring together the statistics provided by its various committees into a single brochure that will also pull together all the statements of the committee chairs.

Don Harrell, chair of the facts & figures committee, said at IUMI’s winter press presentation at the International Underwriters’ Association on February 5th that the new brochure, published annually, would consolidate IUMI’s “view of the world”. Referring to some of the numbers that would be in the new brochure, Harrell said that there had been a steady improvement in the shipping market according to end-of-year figures from Clarkson. In tonnage terms the global fleet was 61% larger than it was in 2008. Demolitions had slowed to their lowest level since 2010, and lay-up was as low as 3%. This excepted the energy sector, where lay-up remained at 30%, although this was down from as high as 55% a few years ago


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