IMO 2020 enforcement actions in China

Standard Club said on Friday January 10th that it had received reports that since January 1st there had been two separate ships in Chinese waters that were found to be using non-compliant fuel.

The first ship was under a port state control inspection in Qingdao China when the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) verified the use of fuel oil with a sulphur content of 0.6777% mm.

The second ship was berthed in Xiamen when the MSA cited her with burning non-compliant fuel. The ship had been at berth nearly six days after changing over to compliant fuel. However, it is likely that previous high sulphur fuel residue remained in the engine fuel system, resulting in emissions over the China ECA limit. The ship was ordered to take effective measures to purify the fuel system. 

It was not yet clear whether the MSA would be fining the ships as a result of the infractions.

According to the Chinese implementation plan of IMO 2020, the MSA will handle infractions in accordance with China’s Atmospheric Pollution Prevention and Control Law. Article 106 of this law provides that ships can be fined no less than CNY10,000 ($1,445) but no more than CNY100,000.